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TRIP CLOSES MARCH 1, 2020 (11:59 pm est)

CNN has just ranked Egypt as the place to visit for 2020; specifically Abu Simbel so we could not head back to Egypt without adding this historical site to our trip itinerary!

During our 9 days, and 8 nights we’ll experience the history of Egypt. 

Trip opens on November 29, 2019 at 8am EST.  You must be a member of Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook group OR a member of our membership program to book this trip.  To join our membership program click here.  Entry into the program takes at least 2 weeks so apply early if you want to book this trip. You must be a confirmed member before submitting your deposit.


November 13 - November 21, 2020 (9 days, 8 nights)  

— Airport Code(s)

Cairo - Cairo Town International Airport (CAI)

— Cost   


$3,295* per person -  Shared Double Room (2 people per room) - 4 star accommodations

$3,895* per person - Single Room (1 person per room) - 4 star accommodations

Includes:  4 Star Accommodations,  Egyptian Cruise, Cruise Accommodations, Tours, Meal* (listed in itinerary), domestic round trip flight to Luxor, Airport Transfers to and from Cairo

— Non-Refundable Deposit   
Double Occupancy - $375 per person for shared room; (2 people per room) (2) two twin beds* 

Single Occupancy - $455 per person for single room; (1 person per room) (1) one full sized bed

*Note: Twin beds maybe in close approximately to one another, but there will be two separate beds


Payments - Non Refundable - Trip payments will start on January 15th.


1st trip payment will be due on January 15, 2020.  Non refundable payments due on the 15th of each month. Monthly payments are due on the 15th regardless of when the deposit is made.  

Double Occupancy - $365 per person for shared room; (2 people per room) (2) two twin beds* 

Single Occupancy - $430 per person for single room; (1 person per room) (1) one full sized bed

— Maximum Trip Size   


The maximum number of Sisters on this trip; 24*

Our trips are Members Only; 21 years of age or up at the time of trip departure date

— Trip Host - Important 


At least (1) one of our Sisters Traveling Solo team member will be attendance

— Roommates  


Anyone without a roommate will be paired with another member on the trip.  If you have a roommate, you will be asked for your roommate information (2) months before the trip departure date.  Please avoid emailing us your request after booking.

— Why book with Sisters Traveling Solo?   

Our trips are not only affordable, but they are FUN!  The trip cost won't change or increase.  And no extra fees are charged to those who prefer to use our trip payment options. 

— Things To Note:  


- There is a lot of walking on this trip; in addition some of our days will be long.

- This is a group trip and there will be times where you have to wait on group members and our tour bus, if you do not have the patience to wait 5 - 15 minutes do NOT book this trip. 

- Our trips like our group are positive spaces.  If you are a constant complainer, a person that cannot adapt to changes easily do NOT book this trip. Complaining brings negative energy to the trip experience and impacts other travelers.  

​- The ideal traveler for Sisters traveling Solo trips is someone who embodies patience, flexibility, a willingness to try new things, appreciations and respect for diversity (e.g. people, customs, languages, religions), a desire to learn, grow, evolve, and has an overall spirit of fun and adventure.


— Itinerary 

DAY 1 (November 13) - Cairo

Upon arrival into Cairo we will be transported via one of our (4) pre-set transfer times to our hotel near the Pyramids of Giza. After check-in, take the rest of the afternoon at leisure rewinding from the long flight.

In the evening, we will all get together for a welcome dinner where we will get to know each other. 

Includes: Welcome Dinner 
*Dinner includes water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee.


DAY 2 (November 14) - Cairo

After breakfast at the hotel, we will go on a guided tour; visiting Saqqara and 4500 year old colored tombs. 

After lunch at a local restaurant, we will visit the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. You will be able to take a camel ride through the Sahara desert.  And later that evening you will have the option of staying at the pyramids and witnessing the sound and light show.

After our day at the pyramids we will enjoy a group dinner.

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee.

DAY 3 (November 15) - Cairo

Today after breakfast, we will take a trip to the Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains the world's most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities; no visit to Egypt is complete without a trip through its galleries. The original collection was established in the late 19th century under Auguste Mariette and housed in Boulaq. The objects were moved in 1891 to the palace of Ismail Pasha in Giza before being transferred in 1902 to the current building at Tahrir Square, which is the first purpose-built museum edifice in the world.

Once our visit at the museum is complete, we will have lunch at a local restaurant before heading to the market of Islamic Cairo.  


Includes: Breakfast, and Lunch 
*Lunch includes water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee.


DAY 4 (November 16) - Luxor

On day 4, we depart for Luxor.  Upon landing we take head off to check in on our cruise ship.  Ship name will be shared (3) months before trip departure date.


After we get settled on board, we will have lunch on the ship. Later that afternoon we will visit the temple of Kamak, the largest temple ever built for a God.  

 Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee.

DAY 5 (November 17) - Luxor

Today after breakfast on the ship, we visit the Valley of the Kings and Colossai of Menmon. 


The Valley of the Kings, is a valley in Egypt where, for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, rock cut tombs were excavated for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom. It was part of the ancient city of Thebes and was the burial site of almost all the Egyptian kings (Pharaohs) of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. 


After lunch on the ship, we will cruise the Nile to Edfu. 

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee

DAY 6 (November 18) - Luxor

After enjoying breakfast on the ship, we head to the Temple of Edfu. Temple of Horus, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and preserved Temples in Egypt, edfu temple dates back to Ptolemaic times. It's located on the west bank of the Nile in Edfu, Upper Egypt.  The city was known in Greco-Roman times as Apollonopolis Magna, after the chief god Horus-Apollo.


After our tour of the temple we will enjoy lunch on the ship.


After lunch we visit the Temple of Komobo.  The Temple of Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple in the town of KmOmbo in Aswan Governorate, Upper Egypt. It was constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty, 180 - 47 DC. Some additions to it were later made during Roman period. 

This evening we will enjoy dinner on the ship 

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee

DAY 7 (November 19) - Luxor

Today after breakfast we will begin our drive to Abu Simel.  On this 3-hour bus drive you will get to see more of the natural beauty of Egypt.  Once we arrive, we head directly to Abu Simel.  This site was recently named by CNN as one of the most places to visit for 2020! 

After our visit to Abu Simel we head to lunch, but heading back to our Aswan. 

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee

DAY 8 (November 20) - Cairo  

After breakfast we fly back to Cairo.  You will have some feel time to relax, or take in some additional sights after we check into our hotel.  Later in the evening we meet for a group farewell lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.  

Includes: Breakfast, Lunch  
*Lunch & Dinner include water; any non-water beverages are at an additional cost to trip attendee

DAY 9 (November 21) - Cairo

On our final day, we will enjoy breakfast and begin to depart back home.

Includes: Breakfast

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change.  A finalized itinerary will be provided to paid members (1) month before trip departure.

— Included in the Cost


Airport Transfers – STS will arrange arrival transfers only.  Transfers will be arranged based on group travel times.  All guest will be transported as a group based on the closest arrival times.  Airport arrival transfers will begin at 5:00 AM local time.  Airport transfers will be arranged for the trip start and end date only. 

Inter-Country Flight – Round trip flight from Cairo to Luxor
*Does not include baggage fees

Meals - Meals as listed in the above trip itinerary


Local Transportation - All ground transportation to and from our activities.

Accommodations - 9 days, 8 nights in both Cairo and Luzor.  Rooms will consist of one full or two twin beds based on occupancy. 

Hotel Amenities Include: Air-conditioning, wireless internet, in-room safe, a satellite TV, minibar and tea/coffee making facilities.  Twin beds may be in close approximately to one another, but there will be two separate twin beds.

A detailed daily itinerary will be uploaded to the customer portal after (10) weeks of booking.

STS Apparel – Each guest will be provided with (1) T-shirt, and  (1) STS bag

— Payment Terms - Section contains updates to Terms as of 9/5/19 

Full Payment Special - $100 off total cost if full payment is made by 1/15/20. Cannot be used in conjunction with $75 off membership discount nor our Black Friday deal.  

Trip will be automatically canceled after ONE missed payment.  Payments are due on the 15th of each month. A (3) day grace period will be given to make trip payments each month. After the 3-day grace period ends (18th at 11:59 PM EST), the trip will be canceled.  No refund of deposit or trip payments will be provided for any reason. 


— Invoices

Payments will be made via an invoice. The invoice can be paid via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover card. Invoices are sent to the email address that members provide.  It is the guest's responsibility to sign up for the client portal to make payments for each trip each month. (1) invoice is sent to all clients each month; invoices are sent to clients at least (10) days before they are due. 


— Refund Policy

24- hour cancellation.  

The deposit will be refunded upon request 24-hours after the trip has been booked. After 24-hours of booking, no refunds of deposits will be given.

Non-refundable deposit and payments. After 24-hours of booking, no refunds of deposits or payments will be given.


​Deposit or Payment Transfer to Future Trips - Trip deposit nor payments made towards the trip can be applied to another trip. 

Trip Transfer of Deposit, Payments, or Total Trip to Another Guest - Guest cannot transfer trip deposit, payments or their trip to any other guest. 

We highly encourage you to purchase travel insurance if you have to cancel your trip for any reason covered.  


— Not Included in the Cost   

Flights - International flights to or from Egypt 

Local Transport – Outside of the organized activities.

Meals – Lunches, or dinners not included above. No alcoholic beverages or desserts are included in any of the meals.

Beverages - Beverages outside of water are not included in trip price. 

Insurance – Neither travel or health insurance are included, but all members are REQUIRED to show proof of travel insurance (1) one month before the trip departure date. Minimum travel coverage required is $150,000.

Souvenirs - Cost of souvenirs.

Luggage Check-in Cost - Cost to check your luggage during inter-country flights or ferries.

Travel Visa - Any Visa required for the trip.

Gratuity - for Tour guides, Drivers, Hotel Staff, or Waiters. 

Tours/Excursions - Outside of the organized tours  

Additional Hotel Cost – Outside of what has already been arranged by Sisters Traveling Solo (STS).

Hotel Deposits - Members will be asked to put down a card credit for room incidentals.  This hold will be removed upon check out if not room incidentals were changed.  If you are in a double room, you and roommate should discuss who will put down their credit card beforehand. Noting that the 1st one to arrive at the hotel cannot check-in without putting down a credit card.  STS will not put down deposits for any room.

— Booking opens November 29, 2019 (8:00 AM EST)

You must be a member of Sisters Traveling Solo to book this trip.  Membership will be verified upon receipt of your deposit.  Non-members at the time of booking will be refunded.  

If you are not a member join us

— Required After Deposit Is Paid

Signed Liability Form

Travel Insurance - Travel Insurance is not provided but is REQUIRED to attend this trip.  You will be asked to show proof of travel insurance before we depart.  A minimum of $150,000 in travel insurance is REQUIRED; coverage in total must cover (medical & evacuation). 


Sisters Traveling Solo will not travel with or include anyone in trip activities who don’t present the required travel insurance documentation at least 6 weeks before the trip departure date.  STS will alert you when and how to provide travel insurance information, please avoid emailing us any information.  When requested travel insurance information to include the requested coverage amounts and the dates that cover the span of our trip.  

— Questions?   

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding this trip.

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