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MAY 23 - 28, 2021

Trip Overview

Are you ready to visit the largest tropical forest on Earth? Visiting the Amazon is a trip of a lifetime!

The Amazon rain forest, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries, is the world’s largest tropical rain forest, famed for its biodiversity. It accounts for more than half of the world’s remaining forests and 20 percent of the world’s oxygen—which means it’s massive and there’s a lot to explore. 

This expedition journey endeavors to capture the spirit and essence of the Amazon in a relatively short amount of time. We mostly voyage on one of the most magnificent rivers in the Amazon basin, The Rio Negro. Over three and one half days we walk in the forest, explore in our launches, and visit local communities along the edges of this wild and largely uninhabited river. 

On the journey Into the Wild Amazon, we not only focus on the rain forest, but also on the culture of the people who live in this vast wilderness. Life in the Amazon is different from anywhere else in the world. Life moves at a different pace and so too do the people.  We visit small fishing villages perched on the river bank where the traditional life is still guided by the rhythms of the rise and fall of the river.  We also visit the homesteads of families who make and grow almost everything they need. For many travelers these visits with local settlers, whose lives are so dramatically different from ours, are some of the most memorable
experiences of the journey.  

Note:  This trip is not ideal for everyone.  If you have issues with any trip of wildlife and or creature this trip is not ideal for you.  Nor is our ideal for anyone that deems themselves as a high maintenance traveler.  Our accommodations will be standard river cruise accommodations.  An additional signed liability waiver will be required as part of the trip requirements.

This trip is hosted by Sisters Traveling Solo LLC. Please note that you must be a member of our paid membership program or our Facebook group to join this trip. Membership will be verified after booking. Our trips are 21 years and up at the time of departure. 


Tour Highlights



We also visit the homesteads of
families who make and grow almost everything they need. For many travelers these visits with local
settlers, whose lives are so dramatically different from ours, are some of the most memorable
experiences of the journey.



There are two to three excursions off the vessel every day. Early mornings we divide into small groups
and glide along quiet channels in our launches or kayaks among giant rain forest trees draped with vines
and orchids.




During our
voyage we are treated to the ever-changing vistas of travel on the mighty Amazon River itself. Most
travelers are astonished by the scale and grandeur of this majestic waterway that drains a continent.
Into the Wild Amazon



We have obtained the services of the man who is said to be the best person to do take an amazon river cruise with.  Every tour company uses him for their amazon cruises.  Our crew will be in the best possible hands while exploring this amazing wonder.  

Tentative Itinerary

DAY 01 - MAY 23, 2021​ - ARRIVE IN MANAUS

Arrive at Manaus, Brazil and make your way to our hotel. After check-in, take the rest of the afternoon at leisure rewinding from your flight(s).  Have dinner at your leisure, we will meet early in the next morning.

- The easiest and cheapest way to get to Manaus is flying in from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

- It is important that everyone arrives in Manaus on the 23rd.  We will depart our hotel early in the next morning.  Our cruise will not wait for late arrivals. 

- Daily excursions will require us to leave our river cruise and use kayaks / smaller boats to get to shore. 

DAY 02 - MAY 24, 2021​ - DEPART FOR AMAZON

After breakfast at the hotel we head to our river boat. We depart on the Rio Negro and as the vessel glides upstream we will have our first talk about Amazon environments. By late afternoon we enter one of the world’s largest river island systems, the Anavilhanas Archipelago.   The boat will weave along a winding channel with rain forest on both sides in a riot of brilliant vegetation.

Weather permitting, we will go for a launch excursion in the gnarled and dense flooded forest along the river’s edge. We may see some Squirrel Monkeys and we may hear the other-worldly growls of Howler Monkeys echoing through the primitive rain forest. The Amazon has one of the greatest collection of birds in the world and we are sure to see some of these brightly colored jewels perched in the treetops.

Meal(s) Included:  Breakfast at hotel​, Lunch & Dinner (on river boat) 

DAY 03 - MAY 25, 2021​ - CRUISE AMAZON

Shortly after sunrise this morning we explore the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a reserve that includes the world’s largest system of river islands and also areas of tall dense rainforest. Here we will see the strange environment called the igapó, the black water flooded forest, where dense forests grow right out of the dark water of the R io Negro.  Mid-morning we return to the vessel for a hearty Brasilian breakfast.

After some time to relax, weather permitting, we will disembark at mid-morning and dividing into very small groups we will go for a walk in the type of rainforest known as the terra firme. Here we have a good chance to see the markings, if not the animals themselves, of some of the Amazon’s great mammals like peccaries (wild pigs) or even a jaguar. 

Around mid-day we return to the vessel for lunch and a siesta. In the afternoon we will excursion in our launches along the edges of the dense forest and listen to the sunset chorus of birds, howler monkeys, and frogs. Weather permitting, tonight we will have an excursion to spot caiman (the Amazon's crocodiles) and other nocturnal creatures. We very often see arboreal porcupines or sloths scrambling
high in the limbs. 

Meals Included:  Breakfast​, Lunch & Dinner (on river boat) 

DAY 04 - MAY 26, 2021​ - CRUISE AMAZON

Today we will voyage to the west side of the Rio Negro and continue to scout in our launches and walk in the forest. We will explore, according to the weather and water depth, areas rarely visited by anyone else. Tonight our riverboat goes downstream, and river depth permitting, will enter an east bank affluent of the Rio Negro and explore on deep into the rainforest on this small river.


After our nocturnal exploration of the rainforest in our launches we return to the Motor Yacht Tucano for “Caipirinha Night” and perhaps try a bit of samba on the top deck.

Meals Included: Breakfast​, Lunch & Dinner (on river boat) 

DAY 05 - MAY 27, 2021​ - CRUISE AMAZON

We begin the day with a dawn excursion hunting for wakening wildlife followed by a full Brasilian breakfast. We will then go one last time into the forest. In the mid-afternoon we will begin to journey downstream to arrive late in the day at the “Encontro das Aguas” - a stark several mile long line where two of the world’s largest rivers, the Amazon and the Rio Negro, join in a turbulent maelstrom. Here the
dark water of the Negro runs beside the opaque brown water of the Amazon.


At sunset our riverboat will once again turn her bows upstream on the Rio Negro and journey to our overnight anchorage north of
the City of Manaus. As we pass in front of Manaus, we will marvel at the scale of one of the world’s largest and most vibrant port cities over a thousand miles from the sea. Tonight we will have a farewell dinner and prepare for an early departure in the morning.


Meals Included: Breakfast​, Lunch & Dinner (on river boat) 

DAY 06 - MAY 28, 2021​ - DEPARTURES

Early this morning, after a hearty breakfast, we will disembark from our river cruise. We will then explore the highlights of Manaus a city with a fascinating history and an extraordinary present on a very short city tour.  After the city tour depending on our flight schedules, we will either go right to the airport for a flight out.  There will only be a single transfer to the airport.  All trip attendees should expect to reach the the airport around 12:30 PM (local time).   

Note: There will be (1) group airport transfer time (12:30 PM).  


Meals Included: Breakfast

Link to Cabin Photos


Pricing Details
Bookings open: 6/14/20  - Bookings close: 8/15/20 





$ 2,495 pp /

Double Occupancy - Green Cabin

$ 2,895 pp /

Double Occupancy - Yellow Cabin

$ 3,295 pp /

Single Occupancy -  Blue Cabin


$ 335 pp /

Double Occupancy - Green Cabin

$ 375 pp /

Double Occupancy - Yellow Cabin

$ 455 pp /

Single Occupancy -  Blue Cabin



If deposit is made BEFORE Jul. 15th


$ 270 pp /

Double Occupancy - Green Cabin

$ 315 pp /

Double Occupancy - Yellow Cabin

$ 355 pp /

Single Occupancy -  Blue Cabin


If deposit is made AFTER Jul. 15th


$ 309 pp /

Double Occupancy - Green Cabin

$ 360 pp /

Double Occupancy - Yellow Cabin

$ 406 pp /

Single Occupancy -  Blue Cabin

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