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Cap-Haïtien · FEBRUARY 15 - 19 2018

Hello Sister! This trip is currently sold out; there is no wait list.

Join Sisters Traveling Solo for a cultural experience to Cap-Haitien! We wanted this to be more than a trip, so we partnered with a travel professional who is also a native of Haiti, the Haitian Nomad. On this trip you will not only learn about the history and people of Haiti, but you will see first hand the beauty of this island Paradise.  

— Dates   


Thursday, February 15 - Monday, February 19, 2018

— Cost   


$1,250* per person - shared room accommodations (two beds) in Cap-Haïtien and Paradise Bay (one large bed to share)

$1,450* per person - shared room accommodations (two beds) in Cap-Haïtien and single room accommodations (one large bed) in Paradise Bay (limited availability)

*includes:  accommodations, tour cost, meals, airport transfers to and from Cap-Haïtien


— Deposit   


$250 per person for shared room accommodations (two beds) in Cap-Haïtien and Paradise Bay (one large bed to share)

$290 per person for shared room accommodations (two beds) in Cap-Haïtien and single room (one large bed) in Paradise Bay (limited availability)

Only 14 spots available.  The link to book will be posted in our private Sisters Traveling Solo group on June 15, 2017 at 10am Eastern Standard Time

The link will stay open until all 14 spots are filled. There is NO waiting list.


— Payments   


$250 per person monthly on the 15th (July - October) after deposit has been paid on total trip cost of $1,250.


$290 per person monthly on the 15th (July - October) after deposit has been paid on total trip cost of $1,450.


Monthly payments are due on the 15th regardless of when the deposit is made.


— Maximum Trip Size   


The maximum number of Sisters on this trip; 16


— Why book with Sisters Traveling Solo?   

We have partnered with the Haitian Nomad to make this an unforgettable trip to Cap-Haïtien.  Our members will experience Haiti with a local and have a true cultural experience. 


All your travel needs will be handled from the moment you land in Cap-Haïtien.  We handle airport transfers to and from Cap-Haïtien, local transportation, accommodation needs, and connect you with other Sisters who share the same passion as you! Your only responsibility is booking your flight and enjoying Cap-Haïtien!

Our trips are not only affordable, but they are FUN!  The trip cost won't change or increase.  And no extra fees are charged to those who prefer to use our trip payment options. 


— Included in the Cost   

Private Group - Once deposit has been paid, you will be added to a private Facebook group.  In this group we answer all questions you may have regarding your upcoming trip. Including questions around currency exchanges, how much money to take, what to pack, and any other questions you may have about your trip.

'Know Before You Go' call - To ensure you are all ready for your trip, we will hold a conference call two weeks before the trip to go over our 'Know Before You Go' document.


Guided Excursions - We will book your excursions in Cap Haitien.

Lodging Accommodations - 5 days, 4 nights accommodations between Cap Haitien and Paradise Bay.


Activities - Hike up Citadelle Laferriere (known as the 8th Wonder of the World), visit Palais Sans Souci the royal residence of King Henri I, visit the Vertieres Monument, Infinity Pool Relaxation over Cap Haitien, Party at Lakay Restaurant,  sailing on a luxury Yacht, All White Farewell Dinner

A daily detail itinerary will be provided within the private Facebook group.


Meals -  All meals are included.

*Breakfast each morning will be at the Hotel or House

Transportation -  Airport arrival and departure for airport in Cap Haitien(CAP). And local transporation to scheduled excursions.  

— Accommodations   


Cap-Haitien Accommodations - From February 15th - 17th we will stay in the heart of the city of Cap Haitien at Hotel Du Roi Christophe.


Room Type - Each double room has two double sized beds and a private bathroom. Each room will be shared, two members per room.  There are no single rooms available during this portion of the trip.


Paradise Bay Accommodations - From February 17th - 19th we will move to Paradise Bay where we have rented two 5 bedroom houses on the water.  

Room Type - Each room has ONE big bed and a private bathroom.  You will have to share a bed with your roommate.  You will keep your same roommate from Hotel Du Roi Christophe.


There are two single rooms available in this portion of the trip.  The two members who book the two available single rooms will automatically be roomed together at Hotel Du Roi Christophe.  This will allow other members to keep their same roommate throughout the trip.  Single rooms during this portion of the trip are an additional $200. 

Roommates - If you do not have a paid roommate, we will pair you with another STS member.  If you have a roommate who has paid their deposit, please provide us with their name and we will pair you two.

IMPORTANT - Cap Haitien is very small with limited lodging options and availability.  In Paradise Bay, everything is powered by nature (wind, solar, etc) therefore your power might go out at certain times, or your water pressure might not be like what you're accustomed to.  Please be sure to bring potent insect repellent! 


Leave all first world expectations back home and you will have a fabulous time!

— Cost/Payment Options   

Total Cost


Option #1 - $1,250 per person; price based on shared room in both Cap Haitien and Paradise Bay

Deposit Required - $250 per person

Option #2 - $1,450 per person; price based on shared room in Cap Haitien and single room in Paradise Bay

Deposit Required - $290 per person

Non-refundable deposit due to guarantee booking.  If you cancel your trip your deposit can be applied to a future Sisters Traveling Solo (STS) trip. Or you can seek to find another STS member take your place.  


You will be responsible for coordinating with the other STS member.  Last day to transfer is 7/15/17.

After 7/15/17 you will only be able to apply deposit towards a future STS trip.



— Payment Terms   

Full Payment Special - $100 off total cost if full payment is made on 6/15/17 - $1,150 per person for shared room for entire trip.  ($1,350 for Option #2 with single room in Paradise Bay only)

Pay Remaining Balance over 4-month period (July - October) - Monthly payment is total cost of $1,250 ($1,450 option #2) minus the $250 (or $290) deposit dividend by 4. Payments are due on the 15th of each month regardless of when deposit is made.  Payments must be made on time.

A $50 late charge will be applied to all payments made after the 3-day grace period.  Missed payments will be applied to the next month plus the $50 late fee. Trip will be automatically cancelled after two missed payments.  No refund of deposit or payments will be provided to a trip cancelled due to missed payments.

Your trip must be paid in full by 10/15/17. Please contact us if you are having difficulties making your payment.



— Refund Policy   

Full refunds minus the nonrefundable $250 ($290 option #2) deposit will be given up until August 15, 2017.

After August 15, 2017, there will be no refunds.



— Booking  

Shared Room in Cap Haitien and Paradise Bay - Option #1

1. Full Payment Special - Pay in full on 6/15/17 - $1,150 for $100 Off

2. Monthly Payment Plan (July - October) $250 deposit with $250 monthly payments


Shared Room in Cap Haitien and Single in Paradise Bay - Option #2

1. Full Payment Special - Pay in full on 6/15/17 - $1,350 for $100 Off

2. Monthly Payment Plan (July - October) $290 deposit with $290 monthly payments



— Not Included in the Cost   

Flights -  Roundtrip flight to Cap Haitien(CAP). 


MPORTANT - There is only ONE flight per day from Miami (MIA) into Cap Haitien (CAP).  This is the same with the return flight, there is only ONE flight per day from Cap Haitien (CAP) to Miami (MIA)


If you are unable to make that flight another option would be to fly into Port Au Prince (PAP) and then take a 20 min ($55) flight to Cap Haitien.  Note that the Sunrise Airways flight from PAP to CAP departs from a smaller airport, Guy Mallary, which is down the street from PAP. You would have to a cab from PAP to Guy Mallary.

Alcoholic Beverages - Alcoholic beverages are not included in cost

Souvenirs - Cost of souvenirs.

Gratuity - for Guides, Drivers, or Waiters.

Additional Excursions -  Outside of what was mentioned above

— Additional Things To Know Before Booking


Typical breakfast in Haiti consist of bread, coffee, fruits, jam, eggs; similar to an European continental breakfast.


There is no WIFI, internet, cell signal or TV's in Paradise Bay.  You will truly be able to relax since you will be completely cut off from civilization. 


Please budget about $25/person to leave as a tip for our House Staff at Paradise Bay. We will collect it at the last night in Paradise bay at dinner. The staff at the houses, the drivers, the people on the ground helping put everything together above and beyond to make our experience magical.

— Bookings opened on June 15, 2017

You must be a member of Sisters Traveling Solo to book this trip.  On June 15, 2017 at 10am Eastern time, we will post, in our Sisters Traveling Solo group only a link to the site that you will use to book your spot for this amazing trip to Cap Haitien .

If you are not a member join us on Facebook by clicking the logo below.

— Required After Deposit Is Paid

Signed Liability Form

Travel Insurance - Travel Insurance is not provided but is REQUIRED to attend this trip.  You will be asked to show proof of travel insurance before we depart for Haiti.  A minimum of $250,000 in travel insurance is REQUIRED. Travel insurance can be obtain when you purchase you flight or with World Nomad using the link below.

— Questions?   

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding this trip.


This itinerary is the property of Sisters Traveling Solo, LLC and is not for outside distribution

Booking Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy
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