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Chateau Rules

Please review the Chateau rules.  It is asked that all guest respect and abid by the rules of the Chateau. 

Notes from Chateau: You will benefit from exceptional rooms with old furniture, tapestries, high quality wallpapers and curtains, put down by famous tapestry-makers. The restoration of each one was the adventure of 10 complete years!

We are happy for the agreeableness and pleasure you will have. On the other hand, you will understand that we are concerned with keeping these jewels in an estate as perfect as you saw it first.

For that reason, we allow ourselves to tell you some advice: The presence of young children is not advised if they are not strictly watched by their parents. Be careful of pencils, the wallpapers are not washable, children mustn't use the old armchairs, these ones can break, there are original antic furniture. 

  • Guest have access to the following rules only: Salon Montesquiou for dinner, Hercule Room for breakfast, the summer room, library room and guest bedroom. Guest do not have any access to building or rooms not listed. 

  • The lounges will be heated up by the owner with the central heating if it is deemed necessary.

  • Dogs and all sorts of animals/pets, even if they have a leash, can't be accepted in the property, the tenant will have to inform its guests and to maintain the constraint.

  • All activities loud enough or harmful practice are forbidden outside. All activities outside are not authorized like barbecue, and all other events that have not been approved specifically by the owner.

  • Breakfasts are served in the Hercule room.  It cannot be taken in bedroom too fragile

  • Any additional food request at breakfast outside of what is provided is at an additional cost to each guest.

  • Dance is not permitted in the lounge room

  • There will be no room service during our stay; guest will be asked to tidy up rooms before we depart.  If you require a new towel each day please bring your own. 

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