Thank you Sisters for your interest in one of our STS trips!  We appreciate your interest in booking with us as we know there are a lot of other companies you can book with. Before you submit your deposit we want to ensure that you have insights into our trips operate before you book.   


The ideal traveler for Sisters traveling Solo trips is someone who embodies patience, flexibility, a willingness to try new things, appreciations and respect for diversity (e.g. people, customs, languages, religions), a desire to learn, grow, evolve, is not a constant complainer, can engage with other trip goer's, has the ability to do a bit of research, and has an overall spirit of fun and adventure.  


At STS our trips are affordable; our trips are often times $1,000 - $2,000 cheaper than our competitors. We work hard to tailor our trip experiences and pride ourselves on providing pre and on trip customer service.  Our services include booking tours, transportation, and accommodations. Before we depart each member is provided with a trip itinerary which includes activities and restaurant names; members are encouraged to look up those activities / restaurants to get an idea of what we will be doing and where we are going.  STS is not a full concierge service, luxury travel group nor do we charge concierge luxury trip pricing.  


Group engagement is welcomed and encouraged between all members attending the trip.  Our trips are a great way to make new friends amongst those other members attending the trip!  Our STS team will be as engaged as we can while doing their job of ensuring that your trip runs smoothly.  Our team will attend all activities that are listed on our itinerary.  Our team members are not required to attend any gatherings outside of what is listed on our itinerary.  The role of our STS team while on the trip is ensure each day goes as planned, operate on time, and provide any customer service that is needed.



Your free days are your free days.  Free days are announced before we depart for our trip and members are encouraged to research activities and confirm their own transport to those activities.  Our team does not assist in free day activities or planning. 


Our trips are often packed with activities to ensure you get your money's worth! All activities that we shared on our website will be included in the itinerary.  If there is an activity in which you do not want to attend; you are welcome to opt out of that activity or that day.  Note that there are no credits given if you decide to sit out, but we do not force you to participate in any activity you do not want to. 


Often times our trips require a large bus; depending on the location our bus cannot park at the entrance or exit of that location.  Once the entire group is done, our bus is called.  Typically it takes 5 - 10 minutes for our transportation to arrive.   


Our group activities operate on time.  Per the signed trip agreement which included the terms of the trip, all guest are required to be on time for activities.  There will be no refunds given nor any special arrangements made for anyone who decides to show up late.  Trip goer’s will be advised each evening of the time we will be departing the following day.  Out of respect for everyone’s time we will leave on time, with or without you.  We will not make any special arrangements if we depart without you.


Our trips are planned 10 - 12 months out.  A tentative trip schedule is provided to the group 2 months after the trip opens.  One month before the trip a final itinerary is provided.  All activities will remain the same, but dates and times are subject to change.  In addition while on the trip, things are subject to change at the last minute sometimes. Our team does our best to ensure that this does not happen, but we cannot predict everything that may happen in a given day. 


​On our cultural trip and we will be interacting with locals, working with them and being invited into their homes, we ask that attendees be respectful of local customs.


Sisters Traveling Solo covers the full price of each room; however, members may be asked for a credit card upon check-in for their room incidentals.  STS will alert members one month out if the hotel requires a deposit in addition to how much that deposit will be.    

Still Interested in Booking? 

Trip Passwords can be accessed ONLY by current Facebook group members.  Passwords will not be emailed. Membership is confirmed once deposit is received; non members are refunded immediately.  

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Current Open Trips....
Below are the only open trips; no eta or information will be provided regarding any other trips.


Click Here to Book - MEXICO June 23 - 28, 2019 

Click Here to Book - CALIFORNIA July 3 - 7, 2019 

Click Here to Book - CHINA August 24 - September 1, 2019 

Click Here to Book - GHANA September 26 - October 2, 2019 

Click Here to Book - SOUTH AFRICA December 6 - 15, 2019