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Partnering with Local Women to Provide Cultural Trip Experiences

Our Cultural Experiences will Focus on People, History, and Food

Connecting with and Experiencing the Everyday Life of Local People 

What are STS Cultural Experiences? 

The primary goal of STS Cultural Experiences are to provide our members with more of a cultural and historical trip experience.


How will STS Cultural Experiences differ for our traditional Sisters Traveling Solo trips?

Our STS Cultural experiences will be tailored so that we are able to learn more about the people, food, and history of the Country we are visiting; while being less focused on touristy attractions.  Activities will centered food, history, and interacting with the local people. 


How will Sisters Traveling Solo organize these experiences?


For our Cultural Experiences, we will work with the right people to ensure our members get a true cultural experience.  


All the partners in which we work with for our STS Cultural Experiences will meet all of the below requirements:

1. Partner is a native or a long term resident of the Country we are visiting.  We will work with the people most knowledgeable about the culture of our planned destination; the people who live there.

2. Partner is currently operating successfully a tour company that is focused on providing cultural and historical trip experiences.

3. Partner is a member of our Sisters Traveling Solo group.  We will support our Sisters!

If you meet all of these requirements  and would like to partner with Sisters Traveling Solo on a cultural experience in your Country, please email use at  A link to your business website must be included in the email. Along with your Facebook name for verification purposes.


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