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Client Relationship Specialist - Part time


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About the Company

About the Role

The Client Relationship Manager facilitates all of the direct or hands-on arrangements that pertain to Sisters Traveling Solo tour experiences during and before trip departure. The primary focus of this position is to drive consistent five star experiences for our most discerning and ensuring that all trip participants are equipped with everything they need before trip departures.

They are also empowered to deal with complaints via phone or email and should assist all associates to create moments of magic. The performance of this position effects client satisfaction and an impression of the service the company provides. This impression can lead to repeat business and reputation enhancements serve the trip attendees in a Five Star manner.

Assure highest quality of the Department by working in an efficient and conscious manner, as well as, maintaining and developing the highest service standards possible. Ensure maximum guest satisfaction through personal recognition and prompt attention from pre-arrival to departure. We are only viewing resumes of those who meet the requirements.


Sisters Traveling Solo™ was created to empower Sisters to travel solo; to travel in general. Our mission is to connect, empower, inspire, and support Sisters.

WE INSPIRE SISTERS - by creating a positive space on Facebook for like-minded Sisters to connect. From seeing photos of Sisters doing the things you have always wanted to do, to reading a post about someone who once was afraid to travel solo overcoming their fear while in Rome, to just getting words of encouragement from Sisters you have never met.

WE CONNECT SISTERS - through our group trips around the World and our meetups throughout the USA. We create opportunities for Sisters whom once were strangers to become inseparable travel buddies and life long friends.

WE EMPOWER SISTERS - by giving them the tools need to travel the World. Any member who is eligible to obtain a U.S. passport but are unable to obtain one due to financial hardship can sign up for our passport giveaway. Having an opportunity to get one for free, 100% funded by Sisters Traveling Solo. (passport giveaway now closed)

WE SUPPORT SISTERS - by traveling responsibly. In 2017 we introduced our Cultural Experiences where we work with and give our dollars to local women. And in 2018 we introduced our Sisters Travel Magazine a platform that will allow our Sisters who blog access to a greater audience.

Role Description

  • Have extensive knowledge of the product and services offered by Sisters Traveling Solo offers.

  • Ensure that all guests especially those of VIP status receive utmost attention and to maximize their satisfaction before they depart for their tour.

  • To ensure that all arriving and departing clients make it to our host hotel location as planned.

  • To liaise, cooperate and coordinate with all departments to achieve high standards of service and client satisfaction.

  • To draft, prepare and distribute all customer letters via email, mail, text messages, WhatsApp, or in person.

  • To order, assemble, ship or deliver any on trip swags or company products to client list.Scout and bring affordable and quality company branded product ideas to the company.

  • Create a shared team customer database.

  • To update Guest profiles in shared customer database.

  • Deal with guest issues in an appropriate and a thorough manner from the initial complaint to the resolution.

  • Develop relationships with a variety of product vendors, which include, and are not limited to, t-shirt, bags, sweatshirt, etc.

  • Be familiar with all the courier/mail companies and their charges.

  • Vendors and STS staff.VIP guest concierge services (research, phone calls, etc.)

  • Send any special guest shipments, guest services, and any other special requests a member may have.

  • Manage all client lists.Manage company inventory and reorder products as needed upon approval of company CEO.

  • Seek to understand the client and internal customer and meet the needs of both the customer and the Company. Attention to Details.

  • Ensure that work is accurate, thorough and to the highest standards.

  • Demonstrate personal ownership to tasks and follow through to get the required results.

  • Apply Professional, Product or Technical Expertise. Demonstrate the ability to apply technical, professional or product expertise to everyday company situations. Foster Teamwork.

  • Work well in a team environment and motivate teams to sustain exceptional levels of performance.Communicate effectively.

  • Clarify and provide information so that coworkers, customers, and suppliers understand and can take action.

  • Be proactive in coming up with new ideas to make the customer experience better. Analyze customer feedback and online reviews and suggest ways to improve ratings.

  • Establish friendly relationships with regular company VIP clients. Examine daily duties, assign tasks and check on progress.

  • Monitor daily trip signups and ensure the necessary onboarding is completed.

  • Actively listen to and resolve complaints.

  • Coordinate and manage communication between guests and staff and follow up to ensure we resolve customer concerns. Requirements

  • PLUS - Prior work experience as a Guest Relations or Concierge Manager or similar role a plus.

  • Ability to work out of our office during specified hours required (see location section for details). No relocation assistance provided.

  • Must be proficient in MS Office products, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, spreadsheets and word processing.

  • Knowledge of Asana and Canvas a plus.

  • Hands-on experience with managing inventory is a plus. PLUS - Prior experience working for a travel company or agency a plus.

  • Customer service drive with outstanding communication and active listening skills.

  • Excellent problem-solving and multitasking skills.

  • Leadership skills along with the ability to motivate a team into high performance.

  • Ability to work flexible hours.

  • Strong sense of responsibility and a professional presentation

  • Solid knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and geography of the region.

  • Basic understanding of social media platforms.

  • Advanced organizational, time management and problem-solving skills.

  • Computer-literate; a quick learner of new software and systems

  • Research skills.

  • Positive attitude and the desire to be part of a close-knit and effective team.

  • Exceptional English written and oral communication.

  • Knowledge of other languages is a plus.

  • Ability to adapt to an environment that is subject to constant change.

  • Ability to be flexible as the company grows and process change.

  • An understanding of and commitment to customer service.

  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal.

  • Collaborative nature with the ability to interact with a variety of staff from all levels. EducationAssociates degree in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Business Administration, Communications, Marketing, or relevant field required. PLUS - A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Business Administration, Communications, Marketing, or relevant field required is a plus but required

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