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Trip Captain

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About the Company

About the Role

Are you social, detail-oriented, meet deadlines, be punctual, be a team player, have flexible vacation time, and have a willingness to learn?

Trip Captains are our on-the-ground customer service to our clients during their trip. This role does not involve any aspect of trip planning.


Sisters Traveling Solo™ was created to empower Sisters to travel solo; to travel in general. Our mission is to connect, empower, inspire, and support Sisters.

WE INSPIRE SISTERS - by creating a positive space on Facebook for like-minded Sisters to connect. From seeing photos of Sisters doing the things you have always wanted to do, to reading a post about someone who once was afraid to travel solo overcoming their fear while in Rome, to just getting words of encouragement from Sisters you have never met.

WE CONNECT SISTERS - through our group trips around the World and our meetups throughout the USA. We create opportunities for Sisters whom once were strangers to become inseparable travel buddies and life long friends.

WE EMPOWER SISTERS - by giving them the tools need to travel the World. Any member who is eligible to obtain a U.S. passport but are unable to obtain one due to financial hardship can sign up for our passport giveaway. Having an opportunity to get one for free, 100% funded by Sisters Traveling Solo. (passport giveaway now closed)

WE SUPPORT SISTERS - by traveling responsibly. In 2017 we introduced our Cultural Experiences where we work with and give our dollars to local women. And in 2018 we introduced our Sisters Travel Magazine a platform that will allow our Sisters who blog access to a greater audience.

Responsibilities (this role does not involve any trip planning)

During the contract, a Trip Captain will:

  • Consistently deliver a high level of customer service and traveler satisfaction.

  • Provide leadership for our travelers and be responsible for their well-being.

  • Continually increase your knowledge about the visited country, its culture, religion, current affairs, environment, etc.

  • Host a local summer meetup within their city to promote Sisters Traveling Solo brand

  • Have detailed knowledge of hotel amenities, sights, restaurants, transport, souvenirs, prices, etc.

  • Develop a series of information sources and contacts that can be of assistance when required.

  • Maintain a valid passport and obtain a visa (at your expense) if needed.

  • It is the responsibility of the Leader to stay up to date on any travel restrictions based on your nationality.

  • Keep vaccinations and preventive medication (at your expense) up to date.

  • Be mindful of potential opportunities for Sisters Traveling Solo, such as new destinations, new Trip Captain's, new markets or ways to improve itineraries.

On each trip, a Trip Captain will:

  • Act as day-to-day host and manager of the group.

  • Deal directly with your traveler's issues and concerns, ensuring that passengers needs are met.

  • Maintain the established travel itinerary as closely as possible.

  • Assist and accompany travelers during included activities and meals.

  • Maintain daily expenditure accounts, retain receipts and keep expenses within the trip budget provided.

  • Provide a post report for each trip, in the requested format.

  • Keep the Trip notes updated in the standardized format.

  • Train new Trip Captains as required, passing on as much trip-related information as possible.


  • Have attended at least (1) Sisters Traveling Solo or Her Wellness House trips or hosted at least (2) successful (+10 sisters in attendance) as a Brand Ambassador for Sisters Traveling Solo.

  • Vacation Flexibility: Ability to host a minimum of (4) trips a year. Trips may require up to 11 vacation days.

  • Preferrably located in one of the following countries: UK, Italy, Colombia, Peru or South Africa. Other country residents outside the USA can still apply.

  • Love for Travel: Previous experience living, traveling, studying or working abroad is an essential requirement for this position.

  • Excellent Leadership and Communication Skills.

  • Resourcefulness: We need Trip Captains who have a good head on their shoulders, who can remain calm and collected under unpredictable and stressful circumstances. Our Trip Captains need to be able to take decisive action to resolve problems as they arise.

  • Good Health and High Energy Level

  • Transportation to your training: It is the Trip Captain's responsibility to get him or herself to the starting point of the training trip which can be within or outside of the USA. Training trip is not compensated.

  • Background in basic accounting/budgeting.

  • Computer literacy: Working knowledge of the Internet, E-mail, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

  • Meet Deadlines: It is critical that Trip Captains meet are set deadlines.

  • Able to travel throughout the continent in which you are located without issue.

  • Trips will be assigned based on company need and Trip Captain geographic location: Trip Captain can be assigned to the same destination several times.

Important: Trip Captains located outside of the USA will be required to obtain any visas needed to travel outside of their country.

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