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July 13 - 19, 2019


Join Sisters Traveling Solo as head to Paris for some bonding amongst Sisters for 7 days, and 6 nights. This trip include some history, fun, food, and did we mentioned we rented an entire castle! 

Trip Passwords can be accessed ONLY by current Facebook group members.  Passwords will not be emailed. Membership is confirmed once deposit is received; non members are refunded immediately.  

Click HERE for password.

History of Chateau

The setting of Château is located between the forest of Fontainebleau in the north, the Loing valley in the south and, nearby, the ever flowing Saint-Sévère spring. Therefore, it has always been occupied since Neolithic times – around 5000BC- the evidence of this being the beautiful ribboned vase displayed at the Museum of National Antiquities in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

During the Gallic period, the knowledge of the cadaster enabled an expansive farming exploitation, which extended far beyond today’s estate. Its centre, certified by archeological remains, was situated less than fifty metres from the château and was still occupied in the Middle-Ages. 


In 1502, Olivier de Sallard became the sole owner of the Cateau. With a family native of Brabant and specialised in falcon taming for the Dukes of Bourgogne, Olivier Salaert de Doncker was a contemporary of Louis XI, King of France. Soon after this, Louis XI hired Olivier de Sallard as a falconer and he rapidly strengthened his position as Great Falconer of France. What’s more, Charles 8th granted him with his naturalisation letters, thus enabling him to be the owner of and to have found a line for two and a half centuries.

Fifty years after the purchase of Chateau, the Sallard family had significant financial problems, as two of their children, Jehan and François, were co-lords of the Chateau.  

The estate during Classical Times

During the 17th century, it appears that life was quite peaceful in the new castle, the Sallard family often staying there, whilst the father and the elder son were fighting as officers in one of the King’s French Guards' regiments. Armand-Nicolas de Sallard must have performed amazing military feats, as in 1680, Louis 14th made a marquisate of the estate.


When the last Sallard died in 1709 at the Battle of Oudenarde, the estate and its title were given to their mother’s second husband, Frédéric de Beringhen, himself an officer, who belonged to the youngest branch of a family of Dutch protestants, whose eldest children were First Equerries, laden with honours and esteem, from the kings Louis 13th, Louis 14th and Louis 15th.

During the French Revolution, in 1794, the ‘sans culottes’ from Nemours came, plundered the castle and destroyed the symbols of the abolished feudal system; the entrance gate with seigneurial arms, the pigeon house with square foundation and the ditches by trying to fill them in. They brought the Marquess of Bourron, then a widow in Paris, who only owed her life to Robespierre’s fall a few months later. The local villager kept her youngest daughter, Adélaïde-Luce, in custody, which was a way to protect her as well as the estate.

The castle had a few more ups and downs, because of Mme de Varenne-Bourron’s son who had already been imprisoned at 18 years of age for debts, stuck to his way of life and thus, in 1806, had to sell the estate to his main creditor, who broke it up and quickly sold the castle and the grounds to Adélaïde-Luce and her husband, the Marquis of Montgon. The Montgons kept trying to build up the old domain again, parcel after parcel, and their successors also carried on with this.

The Present Day

As a result of legacies, the castle was put up for sale a further three times by the Montgons in 1849, then the Brandoix in 1862 and lastly the Piollencs in 1878.

These two last families took an active part in the village’s life as mayors and benefactors. In 1878, the domain was purchased by the Montesquiou-Fezensac family, who still live there today. From a family of old nobility from the Gers, they boast among their ancestors the famous d’Artagnan, ministers of Louis 14th, as well as Le Tellier de Louvois and Madame de Montesquiou, house-keeper for the young King of Rome who affectionately called her “Maman Quiou”. For a century, they dedicated themselves to restoring and refurnishing the castle, using their family heirlooms and laying out the grounds again following extensive damage because of the bombings of the last war. Nonetheless, with the setting of this castle by the forest of Fontainebleau, this residence has thus kept its harmonious nature.

Château consists of nine bedchambers, each of which is individually designed, beautifully appointed and is the epitome of luxury. While all bedchambers have a wonderful, traditional charm, they are also fully equipped with all the conveniences you would expect of a modern hotel, such as free and unlimited wi-fi access.

— Dates   


July 13th - July 19th, 2019 (7 days, 6 nights)

— Cost   


$2,995* per person for Double occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau 

$3,395* per person for Single occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau

*Includes:  accommodations, activities*, tours, meals*, (3) departure airport transfers only, local transportation.

Note: There are only shared rooms in Chateau.  If you are not willing to share a room, this trip is not ideal for you.  We will not take any additional money for single room request in Chateau. 


— Deposit - Nonrefundable


$295 per person for Double occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau     

$335 per person for Single occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau


— Payments   


$300 per person (Double occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau); payments due monthly on the 15th (July - April) after deposit has been paid.

$340 per person (Single occupancy in Hotel & Shared room in Chateau); Payments due monthly on the 15th (July - April) after deposit has been paid.   


— Maximum Trip Size   


The maximum number of Sisters on this trip; 18* (members must be 21 years or older before trip start date)
*Does not include Staff

— Roommates   


Anyone without a roommate will be paired with another member on the trip.  If you have a roommate, you will be asked for your roommate information 2 months before the trip departure date.  Please avoid emailing us your request after booking. 

— Why book with Sisters Traveling Solo?   

We have the experience of traveling to Paris. Our trips are not only affordable, but they are FUN!  The trip cost won't change or increase.  And no extra fees are charged to those who prefer to use our trip payment options. 


All your travel needs will be handled upon arrival to our hotel in Paris!  We handle tours, local transportation, accommodation needs, and connect you with other Sisters who share the same passion as you! Your only responsibility is booking your flight and enjoying Paris!

room 4
room 2
room 3
room 6
room 7
room 9
room 8
room 5

— Included in the Cost   

Private Facebook Group - Once deposit has been paid, you will receive an invitation to our private Facebook group.  In the group, we answer all questions you may have regarding your upcoming trip.  The private Facebook group allows you to connect with others before you go, share travel tips, and maintain friendships when you return.

Know Before You Go' Facebook Live Session or Group Conference Call - To ensure you are all ready for your trip, we will hold a conference call two weeks before the trip to go over our final trip itinerary which will be provided 3 - 4 weeks before trip departure date. ​

Departure Airport Transfers – We’ll arrange your departure airport transports only to Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG).  There will be 3 scheduled transfer times (5am, 7:30am, and 10am only).  Departure transfers will be coordinated with our drivers who depart around at the same time as you.  Members are welcome to coordinator their own departure transport. All members must be off Chateau premises by 10am on the day of checkout. 


Local Transportation - All ground transportation to and from our activities. Transportation will include commuting on metro to activities.  Metros will be provided with a metro card to and from activities included in trip cost.


Accommodations - 7 days, 6 nights at a 4 star hotel in the heart of Paris!  Just 10 minutes by foot from the Eiffel Tower, the 4-star hotel is in the center of Paris, and across from the metro.  Metro provides quick access to the Champs Elysées, Trocadéro, Montparnasse station, Parc des Expositions de Versailles.

Our Chateau stay will be one hour outside of Paris, near a small village. Guest will only have access to reserved areas of Chateau; 2 lounges, dining area for eating, bedrooms, and outside grounds only.


Activities – We will partake in several activities throughout our time in Paris including; July 14th Bastille Day Champagne-Fireworks Cruise on the River Seine, Wine Tasting, dinner at the Eiffel tower, Food tour, Macaron baking class, Seine River Cruise, and members will be given a 1 day Big Bus city pass to visit popular sights (The Louvre, Champs de Elysee, Notre Dame).

A detailed daily itinerary will be provided within the private Facebook group.


Meals -  Daily European Style breakfast at hotel & Chateau, (3) lunches (1 lunch is food tour), (4) dinners included (does not include alcohol or desert). 

STS Swag Bag - STS draw string bag, (2) STS tee shirts, (1) STS wrist band

— Accommodations   

Accommodation - 7 days, 6 nights at a 4-star hotel and Chateau in Paris.  Hotel is located in the center of Paris,within a 10 minute walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. Across from Metro station. Chateau is a one hour drive outside of Paris city center. 


Hotel Lodging (4 nights) - Double Options

Each double room includes: two twin size beds, private bath room, tea and coffee-making facilities, satellite TV, air condition and free Wi-Fi. Note: Twin beds are in close proximity to one another due to size of the room.  See photos in the gallery above for a photo of room.  

Hotel Lodging (4 nights) - Single Options

Each single room includes: one full size bed, private bath room, tea and coffee-making facilities, satellite TV, air condition and free Wi-Fi. Note: Twin beds are in close proximity to one another due to size of the room.  See photos in the gallery above for a photo of room.  

Each single room includes: one full size bed, private bath room, tea and coffee-making facilities, satellite TV, air condition and free Wi-Fi

Chateau Lodging (2 nights) - Shared Rooms Only

Each room includes: two twin size beds, private bath room, air condition and free Wi-Fi. Guest will have access to their rooms, 2 lounges, dining area and outside grounds only. 


Note: Twin beds are in close proximity to one another due to size of the room.  See photos in the gallery above for a photo of room.  

Room Types (all rooms have private bathroom): Rooms are 1st come, 1st serve. There will be no room changes after booking.

Photos of each room is the photo gallery; all rooms will consist of two twin beds. We will not take single room request.

Superior Room - Brye with bathtub (1st floor)

This guest room is furnished with a collection of furnishing in the traditional Louis XVI style. The library on either side of the bed creates a cosy reading nook and encourages one to relax with a book and enjoy the setting. Pierre Frey signed fabrics decorate this simple and enchanting high-ceilinged room . Views onto the park and château. 

Superior Room - Montgolfier with bathtub and shower (2nd floor)

This warmly decorated guest room is an example of pure refinement, accented with its mural signed by Brunschwig and Son. It boasts a beautiful Louis XV style fireplace, a period desk and has an exceptional view overlooking the park. 

Superior Room - Roi de Rome with bathtub and shower (2nd floor)

Bathed in sunlight, this guest room is a true jewel for guests staying in the château. You will discover its portraits of the Child King of Rome and Madame de Montesquiou, along with its impeccably restored Louis XV decorative fireplace. And of course, a secret door leading to its modern bathroom. Central view overlooking the pavilions and park. 

Superior Room - Chambre Vogue with bathtub and shower (2nd floor)

This guest room has open oak beaming and is richly decorated with lovely pink and cream striped fabric signed Canovas. The splendid wood columns and the Corinthian capital and the decorative spotted-marble fireplace, adorned with its XVIIIth century trumeau, create an intimate and warm atmosphere in this lovely guest room. Views overlooking the pavilions and the park. 

Luxury Room - La Bedoyere with bathtub (1st floor)

The monumental Louis XV arch is decorated with copper leaf on a blue-azure background, decorated with richly draped taupe fabric. The refined appointments of this historic room include fabric covered walls, period furnishings and a library that boasts a collection of rare books. The view from the suite overlooks the horse-shoe staircase and the park.

Luxury Room - Marie Leszczynska with bathtub and shower (1st floor)

The warm burgundy, red raspberry and golden yellow tones of this suite’s refined decoration create a cozy warmth, enhanced by its numerous period furnishings, such as the Louis XVI canopy bed. The furnishings, high ceilings and vast volumes all contribute to the experience of stepping back in time when you walk into this room. Views onto the park and the horse-shoe staircase. 

Prestige Room - Suite Cordon with bathtub (2nd floor)

This private apartment is the choice for those looking for a cozy guest room. Its sitting area, decorative fireplace, indirect lighting, Lelievre signed silk cover on the Empire canopy bed and harmonious cream and yellow colour theme all contribute to its particular charm.Views onto the park’s spectacular hundred-year old oak trees. 

Prestige Room - Recamier with bathtub and shower (1st floor)

This magnificent guest room was created with the influence of Madame Récamier. The room is decorated with monumental Louis XV period woodwork, Empire period furnishings, a golden-yellow period canopied bed and a decorative fireplace. The colour scheme is richly enhanced with JAB red and white striped fabrics. Views onto the horse-shoe staircase and the park.

Prestige Room - Sallard with shower (1st floor)

This guest room was a personal favorite of the Comtesse d’Aramon, former owner of the château. It is decorated with soft tones and enhanced with pink silk fabrics. The decorative fireplace, alcove, and period furnishings and decorated wood trumeau, depicting and dating back to the Ottoman Empire in XVIII, are all a reminder of the elegance of times past. Views onto the horse-shoe staircase and the park.

— Payment Terms   

Full Payment Special - $100 off total cost if full payment is made by 7/15/18 - $2,895 per person for shared double room in hotel & shared room in Chateau; $3,295 for single room in hotel & shared room in Chateau

Pay Remaining Balance over 9-month period (August - April) - Monthly payment is total cost of $2,895 shared double room in hotel & shared room in Chateau ($3,395 single room in hotel & shared room in Chateau) minus trip deposit dividend by 9. Payments are due on the 15th of each month regardless of when deposit is made.  Payments must be made on time.

A $75 late charge will be applied to all payments made after the 3-day grace period.  Missed payments will be applied to the next month plus the $75 late fee. Trip will be automatically cancelled after two missed payments.  No refund of deposit or payments will be provided to a trip cancelled due to missed payments. 

Your trip must be paid in full by 4/15/19. Payments not received by 4/15/19 will be accessed a $75 late fee every 3 days that payment is not received. Please contact us if you are having difficulties making your payment.

— Refund Policy

24 hour cancellation.  
Deposit will be refunded upon request 24 hours after trip has been booked. 

Non-refundable deposit due to guarantee booking.  Full refunds minus the nonrefundable deposit will be given up until September 15, 2018.  After September 15, 2018, there will be no refunds.

Deposit Transfer to Future Trips - If you request to cancel your trip, the trip deposit only can be used toward a future Sisters Traveling Solo trip that you are not currently making payments.  If you have paid a deposit or made any payments on a trip that is not considered a future trip.  A future trip is one in which no money has been exchanged between you the member and Sisters Traveling Solo; deposit or payments.  

For deposit transfer request, the deposit on the trip you are cancelling is applied to the 1st payment on the the future trip. You, the member would pay your deposit for the future trip, and your deposit will be credited towards the 1st payment of that future trip.


Deposit transfer request for future must be received via email only at the following address before November 15, 2018 (11:59 pm eastern standard time). Trip transfer request not received via email will not be accepted. After November 15, 2018 (11:59 pm eastern standard time) trip deposit cannot be transferred to another Sisters Traveling Solo trip.  

If your trip is cancelled due to you missing two consecutive trip payments, you cannot apply the deposit to any future Sisters Traveling Solo trips no matter when the trip was cancelled.   

Trip Transfers to Other Members - You cannot transfer a Sisters Traveling Solo trip to anyone without prior approval by Sisters Traveling Solo.  Transfer request will only be accepted and communicated via email at  Only trips that are 100% paid can be transferred to another member.  You are responsible for coordinating transfer with other member. Last day to transfer is March 15, 2019 (11:59 pm eastern standard time). We will not accept any request for transfer after March 15, 2019 (11:59 pm eastern standard time); no exceptions.


We highly encourage you to purchase travel insurance in case you have to cancel your trip so that if you have to cancel, your travel insurance policy can reimburse you.


— Booking  

Shared double room in hotel & Shared room in Chateau

1. Early Bird Special - Pay in full on 7/15/18 - $2,895
2. Monthly Payment Plan (August - April) $340 deposit with $295 monthly payments


Single room in hotel & Shared room in Chateau

1. Early Bird Special - Pay in full by 7/15/18 - $3,295
2. Monthly Payment Plan (August - April) $380
 deposit with $335 monthly payments

— Not Included in the Cost   

Flights - Flight or transportation to or from Paris (CDG) international airport"


Arrival Airport Transports - Members will be responsible for obtaining transport from CDG to our host hotel

Local Transport – Outside of the organized activities.

Meals –  2 Lunches, and 2 Dinners; no alcoholic beverages are included in any of the meals.

Insurance – Travel or health insurance.

Souvenirs - Cost of souvenirs.

Gratuity - for Guides, Drivers, Cooks, Staff, or Waiters. 

Tours/Excursions - Outside of the organized tours we will assist you in booking any additional tours you would like to arrange.

Additional Hotel Cost – Outside of what has already been arranged by Sisters Traveling Solo (STS).

— Booking open to members on 7/9/18 at 8am Est

If you are not a member join us on Facebook by clicking the logo HERE

— Required After Deposit Is Paid

Signed Liability Form

Travel Insurance - Travel insurance can be obtained when you purchase your flight.  You will be asked to show proof of travel insurance before we depart for Paris.  A minimum of $250,000 in travel insurance is REQUIRED. Travel insurance can be obtain when you purchase you flight or with World Nomad using the link below.

Failure to provide required information 6 weeks before trip departure date is cause for forfeit of trip without any refunds.  STS will not travel with anyone who does not provide required information. 

— Questions?   

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding this trip.


This itinerary is the property of Sisters Traveling Solo, LLC and is not for outside distribution

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