One Weekend, One Carryon: Packing tips from LuxeTips

Just in time for the Memorial day holiday, and with checked baggage fees not getting any cheaper, we asked Latoicha Givens Founder of LuxeTips, a lifestyle website providing tips on beauty, fashion, and travel to show us how to pack a carryon bag for a weekend getaway while still creating luxe looks that are affordable.

Here's How She Packs for a Weekend Trip

When it comes to packing for a weekend trip, I have it down to a science. After having my luggage lost 3 times when checking it in, I decided if I could not put all of my things in a carry-on, it had to stay home. My standard rule for packing for a weekend trip is two outfits per day, along with packing shoes and accessories that are interchangeable and compliment every outfit. Everything shown below fit into my shoulder weekend bag.


Traveling Outfit

This is what I wore on the airplane. The shirt is from Forever 21. The white linen pants are from Target. I have these pants in tan and black. They are lined and awesome! The wedges are Guess and I purchased them for only $24.99 from Ross. The authentic vintage python bag is a gift from my adopted Aunt. Her style is timeless. I love that python bag.

Night Outfit

This is the DVF dress I purchased from The Lucky Exchange for only $35. I paired it with my Chinese Laundry platforms and silver accessories. After walking in the wedges all night and dancing. I wore a pair of silver Chinese Laundry flats that were a life saver. The Chinese Laundry platforms and silver flats are from Ross and were $20 and $12 respectively.

Packing Tip: Try wearing your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane, this saves a lot of room in your carry on along with reducing the weight of your bag. You can always take them off during the flight and slip on flats. Use a shoe bag, plastic bag, or shower cap to cover any shoes that will go in your carry on, this keeps them from coming into direct contact with your clothes.


Day Outfit

I knew Day 2 would be packed with activities so I wanted to be casual but really cute. The striped dress is from my favorite boutique, K-La. It was only $35. The earrings were gratis via K-La boutique. I purchased the dress on my birthday during Mother’s Day weekend. They were giving away free earrings with purchase. Score! I paired this outfit with the python bag and wedges.

Night Outfit

I went for a comfortable but sexy look. This 100% silk Kimchi Blue dress was only $30 at The Lucky Exchange and it is in mint condition. It was perfect for a night of concerts. It is lightweight, comfy and gorgeous! I decided to ditch the platforms that night and simply wear my silver flats.

Packing Tip: When packing accessories there are a couple of things I like do to keep them organized and secure. For my earrings, I like to pack them in a pill case to keep them organized and in one place. For larger pieces like bracelets and necklaces, I take a small hand towel and arrange my necklaces, and bracelets neatly on it. I then roll the towel and use hair elastics to secure both ends of the rolled towel. This keeps my necklaces from getting tangled.


Day Outfit

This day I wanted to be a bit more casual because we were going to a BBQ restaurant. I purchased the skirt from Target for $20 and it is the cutest skirt ever! It is has pleats in the fronts and pockets. The striped shirt is light and loose and I purchased it from Ross for only $8. I wore my silver flats and chilled that day. This is now my favorite outfit!

Night Outfit

Well on the last night I decided to glam it up a bit and rocked my black romper, black platforms and gold accessories. I also styled my hair in a Farrah Fawcett feather style and if I must say, I was looking pretty hot! LOL!

However, after hanging out all night, the platforms had done me in. But I ALWAYS carry my flats, so I changed into my gold flats and was back in business!

Packing Tip: If you plan on walking all day, in heels or wedges always bring a pair of flats. On those days I carry a purse or small bag with room enough to fit my flats into. It's better to have them and not need them, then to not have them and need them.


Traveling Outfit

I always try my best to look comfortable and well put together when traveling by air. So I wore my gorgeous $7 on clearance, Target print dress and my wedges. I also carried my white eyelet jacket by Willi Smith. I purchased this jacket from The Lucky Exchange for only $18! Classic. I paired the outfit with dark brown wood earrings.

Packing Tip: Always keep a light jacket, sweater, or scarf in close reach if not wearing it on the plane. Planes get cold and it is always nice to have something to throw over your shoulders.

So how did I get all of this in my weekend bag with my makeup case? Well I rolled up the dresses, skirt, jacket, and shirt and lined them on either side of the bag. I put all my shoes in a shoe bag, and placed the shoe bag in the middle of my carryon bag. I then placed my make-up case on top of the shoes and I stuffed under garments and jewelry in the inside pockets of the carryon bag.

I did not use them this trip, but I also recommend investing in packing cubes. Packing cubes are not only great for saving space in your carryon bag, but they also keep your carryon bag well organized. They range in price depending on quality and can be easily found online with a quick search.

As you can see, you can travel light and still create luxe looks.

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