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Walking Tours - Are They Worth It?

As we all know, there are many types of travelers. There are travelers who just like to chill, travelers who need to follow a strict schedule and more. I see myself in many of these traveler types, but the type that calls out to me the most is the traveler who likes to get lost. This may sound cliché, but my ideal day would be spent spontaneously going wherever my feet take me. Because of this reason, I had never bothered to consider walking tours.

Besides the fact that they disrupt my usual travel routine, they can be costly and boring, right? WRONG! I've recently had to bite my tongue after going on my first walking tour in Taipei and absolutely loving it. The experience was enough to make me reconsider my stance on walking tours. If you're anything like me and feel hesitant and disinterested in walking tours, read along to see why you should consider participating in these tours during your travels.

Meaningful Insight

How many times have you strolled past a unique structure, commented on its beauty then went on with your day? With a walking tour, guides can often provide a backstory to that unique structure you were just admiring. These stories and hidden facts make the space much more meaningful, causing people to remember it more. It's no longer just some cool structure you saw. When you see it now, you see the people of that country from the past and present who interact with that space and you gain a deeper look into the country.

Move Your Body

When many people go on vacation, the last thing they are thinking about is exercising. Depending on the traveler, vacations can be an opportunity to relax and slow down all areas of your life, including physical activity. Well when going on a walking tour, you're killing two birds with one stone. Taking a walking tour is a great way to burn off the calories from all the delicious food you've been indulging in while on your travels. Depending on how good the tour is you wouldn't even realize you walked for 3 hours because you've enjoyed the tour so much!

Meeting People

As a solo traveler engaging in a walking tour is a great opportunity to meet new people. As you learn about the city, you’re also communicating with the people in your group (and hopefully hitting it off)! Another great benefit to walking tours is that it brings both tourists and locals together. This is a great time to connect, share stories and seek advice about the new city you're exploring.

Uncover Local Gems

As you meet and talk with the locals and visitors within your tour, you can get advice about places you hoped to visit and even get glowing recommendations to places that may not have been on your radar. Also, if a local who really knows the city leads your tour, they can introduce you to local gems that represent the vibe of the city. This can give you a better perspective of life in the town. It's absolutely worth it to give these recommendations a shot and truly see what the city has to offer.

If you're exploring a new city solo or with friends you should consider taking a waking tour. You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge of the city and maybe new friends too. Have you ever taken a walking tour? Where was it and what was something new you learned about the city or country you visited?

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