“Just Do it” – How Taking Risks Inspired This Mother’s Latest Adventure

We first heard about Ja’Nette’s big transition from a 9-5 to being a digital nomad in our Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook group. We were so inspired about her decision to manifest and create this life abroad with her son that we had to reach out to her. Get the scoop on what she had to say about her upcoming journey below.

Sisters Traveling Solo: What do you love about traveling?

Ja’Nette: I love the ability to immerse myself into other cultures throughout the world. Traveling for me is that gateway to living life from someone else's perspective and seeing the world through their eyes. It allows me the freedom to just "BE!" Be present in that moment and to connect with the people and places around me.

Sisters Traveling Solo: When was the moment you realized you wanted to quit your job and travel abroad with your son full time?

Ja’Nette: I would love to say that one day I had a great epiphany but that is not the case. By design it has never been my calling in life to work for others. I was created to be an entrepreneur and allow my many gifts to birth opportunities for me to become self-employed. So for me, it was a matter of making a choice between slacking on my professionalism by showing up to a "job" and giving it little effort or following my dreams. My job was getting in the way of me being able to do this. It was time for me to get off of the fence and soar. That is what's most important; taking a risk for something you love. In my case I love traveling and positively impacting the lives of those I come into contact with.

Sisters Traveling Solo: How does your son feel about leaving home to travel the world?

Ja’Nette: He is very excited and thrilled to have this opportunity. Quite honestly he has been traveling with me from birth so this isn’t anything too strange for him. Now that he is a teen, he has a better sense of awareness and purpose when it comes to traveling. He has an expectation to walk away having learned something different about the world around him. Also, traveling is his choice and at any moment he no longer has the desire to continue on this journey as we planned, it would be perfectly okay with me. He is always free to return home if he wishes.

Sisters Traveling Solo: I think many women with children would love to travel more, but get stuck on the “how?” Do you have any advice for these mothers?

Ja’Nette: As a single mother of 3 who has always taken my kids with me on majority of my travels, my advice would be to "JUST DO IT!" Too often we think that it's not possible or too expensive when in fact that's not the case. Obviously there would need to be a plan in place to assure that the family can be accommodated logistically and financially. One of the major things I did early on was taking my children on adventures, as we would call it, instead of spending tons of money on Christmas and birthday gifts. Traveling was the gift! I would look for ways to save money on everyday expenses as well as setting a travel budget.

When traveling with young children it's beneficial to consider destinations AND restaurants where kids can eat/stay FREE! Also, don't downplay taking a family road trip as opposed to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on airline tickets. The most important thing is to start where you are and grow from there.

Sisters Traveling Solo: One of the bigger concerns families who wish to travel full time have is finding schooling for their children. If you don't mind sharing, how will the schooling situation work out for your family and do you have any suggestions for others?

Ja’Nette: I am a certified Teacher and I have had the pleasure of homeschooling my children for a period of time several years back. However, with my youngest son being in high school and with my commitment to running my business full-time, I have opted to enroll him in an online academy so he can successfully complete his education during this time. This allows us the flexibility needed to come and go as we please.

Sisters Traveling Solo: Tell us some of the places that are on your travel list?

Ja’Nette: Barcelona, The Canary Islands, Ireland, Egypt, Malaga, Palma Mojorca, Naples, Mexico, and several destinations nationwide to name a few.

Sisters Traveling Solo: What place have you visited so far that has left a lasting impression on you??

Ja’Nette: Santorini remains at the top of my list with the hopes of returning again someday.

Sisters Traveling Solo: What are you looking forward to the most in your new journey?

Ja’Nette: I am looking forward to a life designed on my own terms that allows me to flow into my calling and meeting some of the most amazing people across the world. I am also anxious to see how my son's take on life and humanity develops as a result of this experience.

Sisters Traveling Solo: Where can we follow your journey?

Ja’Nette: I will continue to post updates, pictures, and live videos of my travels on my Facebook pages "Ja Michelle" and "Traveling With Ja'. I will also post on my Instagram page @travelingwithja.

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