Meet Our Lead Trip Coordinator - Shauna

STS: What are some of the things you must enjoy about solo travel?

SHAUNA: As a solo traveler, you must enjoy executing a decision. There are many times when there just isn’t anyone else around to bounce an idea off of.

STS: Tell us about your most recent solo travel adventure, where did you go?

SHAUNA: I just returned from the Philippines last month. It was my longest plane ride to date with a total of 20 flying hours one way. What a beautiful country! I especially enjoyed immersing myself in the local culture.

STS: How long did it take you to adapt to your surroundings? Did you find it difficult to get adjusted?

SHAUNA: Adapting was quite easy, as their native language is English. I found it to be of the easiest countries to navigate. I mostly used Uber while I was there.

STS: What are some of your biggest takeaways from your solo journeys as a Sister Traveling Solo?

SHAUNA: If you’re hesitant about solo travel, there's no time like now to get started! You can get your feet wet by first going to a domestic location and expanding from there. I have met some amazing lifelong friends while traveling the world. Traveling solo has opened so many doors for me. It still amazes me how many people are willing to invite you to dinner and events when they see you are traveling by yourself.

STS: What would you say to who want to travel solo in the future but are hesitant?

SHAUNA: I've been traveling solo for a very long time. I can still remember my Mom putting me on a plane while I was in elementary school every Summer to Canada. I also remember the countless hours looking through my Mom's photo albums growing up. She was an avid world traveler even before I was born and has always encouraged my love of travel.

STS: Tell us what was it about STS that made you want to go from being a member to being on our STS team?

SHAUNA: I met Cole through another travel group many years ago. I've always been supportive of her and was excited when she launched Sisters Traveling Solo. In order for me to be apart of something, I have to believe in the product. She has a an obvious passion for both her company and travel that is contagious. How could I not want to be part of company that inspires women of all ages and nationalities to travel and explore the world?

STS: What do you enjoy most about Sisters Traveling Solo?

SHAUNA: What I enjoy most about Sisters Traveling Solo is quite simple. Sisterhood. We all encourage each other to live our best lives. Travel shouldn't be stressful. It should be an experience that you treasure for years to come.