My Clap Backs for Domestic Travel

Hear me out! With no offense to globetrotters, I’ve always wondered why people travel either domestically OR internationally. Many nternational travelers believe that the United States is not as exciting; leading them to travel globally. Contradicting these and other sentiments, one must travel both domestically and internationally.

Sentiment #1: "The United States is not as large as the rest of the world.”

Clap Back: Well, the United States is large too! If the United States were a continent, each state would be a country. Imagine adding 50 countries to the United Nations! Our states are loosely united, but are characterized by accents, history, laws, and food. Museums in each state are a perfect way to learn about the differences among states.

As you travel within a state, the landscape even changes –


Many people have traveled to 50 countries, but only 15 states! Did you know most Americans visit around 12 states in their lifetime and 10% do not actually visit another state? These stats unsettle me!

Sentiment #2: "Domestic travel costs a fortune. I get much more value traveling internationally."

Clap Back: I’ve often thought: How is traveling to Puerto Rico much cheaper than traveling to Jackson, Mississippi?

One must consider distance and transportation.

Flying from New York to Europe is comparable to flying west. However, in right timing, I have flown to California for about $300.

In regards to other domestic transportation modes, a round trip flight from New York to DC can cost over $150, while an Amtrak costs about $50 each way and hopping on the Megabus costs about $50 (round trip).

Balance is crucial. Every international trip should be balanced out by a domestic one in order to step in and out of the American mindset.

Sentiment #3: "I want to be able to try authentic international cuisine."

Clap Back: We are a nation of immigrants; an "alphabet soup”. As such, one can find ethnic cuisine in unexpected places. For example, I was able to find an authentic Jamaican spot in Colorado Springs!

Sentiment #4: "Memories of United States travel are okay, but international travel memories become iconic."

Clap Back: The United States has its own iconic monuments comparable to the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. Sometimes, we lose sight that as we take off to see the world, millions of people are arriving to see our country. I am always reminded of this when I tour the United States and see a flood of Asians taking tons of pictures.

The next time someone tries to discourage you from domestic travel, just CLAPBACK with your domestic travels is someone else's international travel.


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