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4 Reasons Why Traveling Solo is My Thang

I’m definitely a little bit of a loner. I’m constantly asked by family, when I mention my plans to travel, who I’m going to be traveling with. When I tell them I’ll be accompanied by me, myself, and I all the doubts and concerns start rolling in.

I thought I would share a few reasons why I travel solo most of the time. Perhaps I can connect with fellow wanderers who may relate to this information.

All Talk, No Action

It’s so easy to dream and express desires to travel and go somewhere. I think we all know people where you try to seriously make plans to travel with them only to find out, those plans weren’t being taken seriously or something “unexpected” comes up. I get that emergencies happen, but I can’t put off my trip for the sake of wanting to do it together. We’ll go together another time!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I remember one time I was in high school and I was hanging with a couple of friends in Manhattan. I was so excited to show them my FAVORITE furniture store, ABC Carpet + Home. This place is my SPOT, believe it or not. Anyway, I noticed that while I was beaming with excitement over this large sheepskin couch my friends looked so unimpressed and like they were dying to leave! I shared this story to say, I have different interests compared to most people I know. I’d much rather wander without a specific plan, visit museums, markets, go to the ballet, and stroll historic neighborhoods. I know when doing both domestic and international travel I want to make the most out of my time and not waste it doing something that doesn’t interest me.

Desires Outweigh Fears

I remember when I was telling people I was moving to Japan and people were concerned about my safety or how difficult it would be for me because of the language barrier. I understood all the risks of moving and traveling and continued to pursue it any way.


Because it was something I really wanted to do. I think it’s important if you’re traveling solo or with people to consider all risks and maintain constant vigilance. But most importantly, you need to make sure you enjoy yourself. The fear of “What if…?” will definitely paralyze you if you settle in it for too long. My desire to travel outweighs my fear…most times.

Being My Own Company

I feel really comfortable with myself. I know myself. It’s so freeing to be in this new and unfamiliar place where the only thing you can trust is yourself. It’s incredibly empowering and therapeutic. It’s not awkward and I won’t ever have to feel exhausted with speaking to others or annoyed by another person or even worried if I’m annoying them with all my weird things that I do! It feels so great to just….be.

All that being said, I love to travel alone, but I am currently looking for new friends to grow, connect and travel with. I do see the amazing bonds that can be formed through traveling with people and would like to establish friendships with like-minded individuals.


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