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DECEMBER 6 - 15, 2019

Hello Sister!  This trip is sold out, and there is no wait list.


Join Sisters Traveling Solo as we head to beautiful South Africa! During our 10 days, and 9 nights we will visit both Cape Town and Johannesburg; tasting local dishes, interacting with the people, and experiencing the beauty of South Africa.

— Dates   


December 6 - 15, 2019 (10 days, 9 nights)
*Cape Town for 5 nights & Johannesburg for 4 nights

Important: This trip starts in Cape Town and will end in Johannesburg.  This will require members to fly into
Cape Town International Airport and fly out of Johannesburg International airport. Guest are welcome to fly round trip in and out of Cape Town, but the trip ends in Johannesburg. 

— Cost   


$2,995* per person -  Shared Double Room (2 people per room) - 4 star accommodations

$3,595* per person - Single Room (1 person per room) - 4 star accommodations

Includes:  4 Star Accommodations, Tour Cost, Meals (Daily Breakfast, 5 Lunches and 5 Dinners), Airport Transfers, Local Transfers, One Way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and tour entry cost.

— Deposit   
Double Occupancy - $355 per person for shared room; (2 people per room) (2) two twin beds* 

Single Occupancy - $435 per person for single room; (1 person per room) (1) one full sized bed

*Note: Twin beds maybe in close approximately  to one another, but there will be two separate beds


— Payments 

Double Occupancy - $330 per person month for 8 consecutive months due on the 15th; Monthly payments are due on the 15th regardless of when the deposit is made. 1st payment starts on the 15th after the deposit is made.


Single Occupancy - $395 per person month for 8 consecutive months due on the 15th; Monthly payments are due on the 15th regardless of when the deposit is made. 1st payment starts on the 15th after the deposit is made.


— Maximum Trip Size   


The maximum number of Sisters on this trip; 30*

*Does not include Staff

Our trips are Members Only; 21 years of age or up at the time of trip departure date

— Trip Host  


This trip will be hosted by one of our STS Lead Trip Coordinators

— Roommates  


Anyone without a roommate will be paired with another member on the trip.  If you have a roommate, you will be asked for your roommate information 2 months before the trip departure date.  Please avoid emailing us your request after booking.   

— Things To Note:  


- There is a lot of walking on this trip; in addition some of our days will be long.

- This is a group trip and there will be times where you have to wait on group members and our tour bus, if you do not have the patience to wait 5 - 15 minutes do NOT book this trip. 

- Our trips like our group are positive spaces.  If you are a constant complainer, a person that cannot adapt to changes easily do NOT book this trip. Complaining brings negative energy to the trip experience and impacts other travelers.  

- The ideal traveler for Sisters traveling Solo trips is someone who embodies patience, flexibility, a willingness to try new things, appreciations and respect for diversity (e.g. people, customs, languages, religions), a desire to learn, grow, evolve, and has an overall spirit of fun and adventure.

— Why book with Sisters Traveling Solo?   

We have the experience of traveling to South Africa. Our trips are not only affordable, but they are FUN!  The trip cost won't change or increase.  And no extra fees are charged to those who prefer to use our trip payment options. 


All your travel needs will be handled from the moment you land.  We handle airport transfers, local transportation, accommodation needs, and connect you with other Sisters who share the same passion as you! Your only responsibility is booking your flight and enjoying South Africa!

1 (1)

— Included in the Cost   

Private Facebook Group - Once deposit has been paid, you will receive an invitation to our private Facebook group.  In the group, we answer all questions you may have regarding your upcoming trip.  The private Facebook group allows you to connect with others before you go, share travel tips, and maintain friendships when you return.

'Know Before You Go' Call - To ensure you are all ready for your trip, we will hold a conference call two weeks before the trip to go over our 'Know Before You Go' document. 

Airport Transfers – STS will arrange 4 set arrival into Cape Town (CPT airport) and 4 set departure transfers out of Johannesburg (JNB) only.  Guest must select between the 4 prearranged airport transports. Each transfer will wait at max 30 minutes for members to arrive at meeting point before leaving.  If guest miss their scheduled transfer, STS will try to accommodate them on the next scheduled transport.  Any member who misses the last transport at 7pm will have to make their own airport transport arrangements.  Guest are welcome to arrange their own transport at their own expense.  

December 6, 2019 - Arrival Transport times into Cape Town (in Cape Town local time):

Transfer #1 - 9:00 am (guest must be at meeting point by 9:30 am)

Transfer #2 - 12:00 pm (guest must be at meeting point by 12:30 pm)

Transfer #3 - 3:00 pm (guest must be at meeting point by 3:30 pm)

Transfer #4 - 6:00 pm (guest must be at meeting point by 6:30 pm)


December 15, 2019 - Departure Transport times out of Johannesburg (in Johannesburg local time):

Transfer #1 - 4:00 am (guest must be at meeting point by 4:00 am)

Transfer #2 - 7:30 am (guest must be at meeting point by 7:30 am)

Transfer #3 - 9:30 am (guest must be at meeting point by 9:30 am)

Transfer #4 - 11:00 am (guest must be at meeting point by 11:00 am)

Inter Country Flight – One way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg 
*Does not include baggage fees


Local Transportation - All ground transportation to and from our activities.


Accommodations - 10 days, 9 nights at two 4 star hotels in South African.  Rooms will consist of one full or two twin beds based on occupancy. Twin beds will be in close approximately of one another. See photo in the gallery above for a photo of the actual room.

Cape Town Hotel Amenities Include: Air-conditioning, wireless internet, in-room safe, a satellite TV, minibar and tea/coffee making facilities.  Twin beds maybe in close approximately to one another, but there will be two separate twin beds.

Johannesburg Hotel Amenities Include: Air-conditioning, pool, wireless internet, in-room safe, a satellite TV, minibar and tea/coffee making facilities. Twin beds maybe in close approximately to one another, but there will be two separate twin beds. 

Activities – We will partake in several activities throughout both Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Cape Town Activities: Cape Town city tour, table mountain visit, Township tour, Robben island tour, Peninsular tour to include stops at Maidens Cove, Chapmans Peak, Cape Point, and Boulders Beach. One full free day will be given in Cape Town

Johannesburg Activities: Johannesburg city tour, tour of Soweto, visit to the Apartheid museum, visit to Mandela's house, hector Peterson museum, and informal settlements. One full free day will be given in Johannesburg.

A detailed daily itinerary will be provided within the private Facebook group in 6 weeks.


Meals -  Daily breakfast, 5 lunches and 5 dinners included (does not include alcohol or dessert). 


Lunch in Cape Town - December 7th, 8th, 9th

Dinner in Cape Town  - December 6th, 7th, 8th 

Lunch in Johannesburg - December 12th,13th

Dinner in Johannesburg  - December 12th, 14th

STS Apparel – Each guest will be provided with (2) STS T-shirts, STS bag, and wrist band

— Accommodations  

Accommodation - 10 days, 9 nights two 4 rated hotels in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  

Room Type – Each double room includes 2 twin beds; Each single room includes 1 full bed. Twin beds maybe in close approximately to one another, but there will be two separate beds.

Roommates – Double rooms will be shared; 2 members per room.  If there is a member you would like to room with let us know.  If you do not have a roommate in mind, don't worry, we will match you up with another Sister.  Single rooms are private; 1 member per room. There is limited availability for single room options.

Note:  We do not share accommodations details until we have a firm count of attendees.  Guest can expect to have accommodation information by the end of March 2019. 


— Payment Terms   

Full Payment Special - $100 off total cost if full payment is made by 1/15/19 - $2,895 per person for shared double room; $3,495 for single room in hotel.

Pay Remaining Balance over 8 consecutive months after deposit is made.  All payments due on the 15th. Monthly payment is total cost of $2,995 shared double room ($3,595 single room) minus trip deposit dividend by 8. Payments are due on the 15th of each month regardless of when deposit is made.  Payments must be made on time.

A $75 late charge will be applied to all payments made after the 3-day grace period.  Missed payments will be applied to the next month plus the $75 late fee. Trip will be automatically cancelled after two missed payments.  No refund of deposit or payments will be provided to a trip cancelled due to missed payments. 


— Invoices

Payments will made via an invoice.  Invoice can be paid via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover card. Invoices are sent to the email address that members provide.  It is guest responsibility to ensure the email they provide when signing up for the trip is correct.  Invoices are sent to clients at least 10 days before they are due. Client is obligated to alert Sisters Traveling Solo at least 5 days before an invoice due alerting them that you misplaced, or did not receive the invoice. 

— Refund Policy

24 hour cancellation.  

Deposit will be refunded upon request 24 hours after trip has been booked. After 24 hours of booking no refunds of deposits will be given.

Non-refundable deposit due to guarantee booking. After 24 hours of booking no refunds of deposits will be given.


Payments. Refunds of payments only will be given up until January 15, 2019.  After January 15, 2019, there will be no refund of payments.​​

Deposit Transfer to Future Trips - If you request to cancel your trip, the trip deposit only can be used toward a future Sisters Traveling Solo trip that you are not currently making payments.  If you have paid a deposit or made any payments on a trip that is not considered a future trip.  A future trip is one in which no money has been exchanged between you the member and Sisters Traveling Solo; deposit or payments.  

For deposit transfer request, the deposit on the trip you are cancelling is applied to the 1st payment on the the future trip. You, the member would pay your deposit for the future trip, and your deposit will be credited towards the 1st payment of that future trip.


Deposit transfer request for future must be received via email only at the following address before March 15, 2018 (11:59 pm eastern standard time). Trip transfer request not received via email will not be accepted. After March 15, 2018 (11:59 pm eastern standard time) trip deposit cannot  be transferred to another Sisters Traveling Solo trip.  

If your trip is cancelled due to you missing two consecutive trip payments, you cannot apply the deposit to any future Sisters Traveling Solo trips no matter when the trip was cancelled.   

We highly encourage you to purchase travel insurance in case you have to cancel your trip so that if you have to cancel, your travel insurance policy can reimburse you.


— Not Included in the Cost   

Flights - International flights to or from Cape Town or Johannesburg .

Local Transport – Outside of the organized activities.

Meals – Lunches, or dinners not included above. No alcoholic beverages or desserts are included in any of the meals.

Insurance – Neither travel or health insurance are included, but all members are REQUIRED to show proof of travel insurance a month before trip departure date. Minimum travel coverage required is $250,000.

Souvenirs - Cost of souvenirs.

Luggage Check-in Cost - Cost to check your luggage during inter country flight.

Travel Visa - Any Visa required for travel to South Africa.

Gratuity - for Tour guides, Drivers, Hotel Staff, or Waiters. 

Tours/Excursions - Outside of the organized tours  

Additional Hotel Cost – Outside of what has already been arranged by Sisters Traveling Solo (STS).

Hotel Deposits - Members will be asked to put down a card credit for room incidentals.  This hold will be removed upon check out if not room incidentals were changed.  If you are in a double room, you and roommate should discuss who will put down their credit card before hand. Noting that the 1st one to arrive to the hotel cannot check in with out putting down a credit card.  STS will not put down deposits for any room.

— Booking is Closed

You must be a member of Sisters Traveling Solo to book this trip.  Membership will be verified upon receipt of your deposit.  Non members at the time of booking will be refunded.  

If you are not a member join us on Facebook by clicking the logo below.

— Required After Deposit Is Paid

Signed Liability Form

Travel Insurance - Travel Insurance is not provided but is REQUIRED to attend this trip.  You will be asked to show proof of travel insurance before we depart.  A minimum of $250,000 in travel insurance is REQUIRED; coverage in total must cover (medical & evacuation). Travel insurance can be obtain when you purchase you flight or with World Nomad using the link below. 


Sisters Traveling Solo will not travel with or include anyone in trip activities who doesn’t present the required travel insurance documentation at least 6 weeks before trip departure date.  STS will alert you when and how to provide travel insurance information, please avoid emailing us any information.  When requested travel insurance information to include the requested coverage amounts and the dates that cover the span of our trip.  

— Questions?   

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding this trip.


This itinerary is the property of Sisters Traveling Solo, LLC and is not for outside distribution

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