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STS Travel Loyalty Program


Sisters Traveling Solo (STS) believes we should reward members’ loyalty. Points are earned based on what you spend on Sisters Traveling Solo group trips (traditional, cultural, or 7 World Wonders). 


1. Members earn 1 point per $1 of the total cost of a Sisters Traveling Solo group trip, minus any discount applied. 

2. Points are awarded 30 days after a trip end date, and do not expire.   

3. Points are earned by the member who is attending the trip (whose name is on the booking) regardless of who purchased the trip.
4. Points are earned per paid trip. Free trips won via a STS contest are not eligible for reward program. 

Reward Levels - Members are automatically entered into reward level. Quarterly reward status updates will be sent to each reward member.

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15% off STS Merchandise - Reward members will receive a 15% discount count to use on STS merchandise to include T shirts, luggage tags, mugs.  Discount code cannot be used towards any other merchandise, trips, or services provided by Sisters Traveling Solo.  Sisters Traveling Solo reserves the right to deactivate any members discount code that is being abused or that we feel has been shared with non reward members. 

24 hour Early Booking - Reward members will be provided with a link to book one our STS group trips (group trips are classified as traditional or cultural. reward excludes solo getaways or any other trip not termed cultural or traditional), 24 hours before it is shared in our main Facebook group.  The link will be emailed to reward members, one time only.  Reward members will have access to half of the available spots for a given trip.  The spots will be available on a first come first serve basis.  Once the early booking spots are gone, no more spots will become available to reward members for early booking.  To ensure early booking link is not shared with non reward members, a new link will be provided to all members once the trip officially opens. Reward members will be held to all trip terms as listed on our website and our the trip registration form. 


Early Bird Discount - Reward members will be automatically given trip early bird discount even if they do not pay the trip in full when the trip opens.  The discount will be in the amount disclosed on Sisters Traveling Solo website at the time of booking.  Early bird discount will be applied to 1st payment on the trip.  Discount cannot be used on any other trip, cannot be transferred to another trip, and is not refundable.

STS Sneak Peak - Reward members will get a sneak peak at the 3 upcoming unannounced Sisters Traveling Group trips.  Members will get entail on what 3 trips Sisters Traveling Solo is currently planning and working on. In addition to the trip destinations Sisters Traveling Solo will share the month we expect to host the trip.  Sisters will not share specific trip dates, duration, activity details, lodging details, nor provide members with any details on when exactly the trip will be open for bookings.  Trips in planning are not 100% confirmed, and the expected trip month is subject to change.  This information will be shared with reward members once a quarter.

Sisters Traveling Solo reverses the right to make updates to the reward structure at any time. 

Commonly asked questions:

- How will I know my status?  Reward members will be sent point status quarterly even if a trip has taken place after the quarter ended.  Award status will be updated each quarter.  Example: Bronze Sister who has completed two trips after quarterly statement has been provided status will be updated in the next quarter.  Reward incentives will take effect once the status changes.  Once a member reaches Gold Sisters no more reward statements will be sent as points do not currently expire. 

- How will I receive my status? How often will I receive it? Reward status will be sent via email once a quarter via email.  Sisters Traveling Solo will only send one email per quarter.  If member misplaces or deletes email the member will have to wait until the next status the following quarter. 

- Do I get a points card?  No, reward members will get an email only with point status. 


- Can I purchase points?  Points can only be earned by booking a Sisters Traveling group trip; traditional, cultural, or 7 World Wonders trip.  Solo Getaways, or any other trips are no eligible for our points program. 


- If I pay for someones trip who earns the points?  The person who attends the trip earns the points even if the trip is being paid by someone else.  


- Can i earn points any other way than group trips?  No, points can only be earned on Sisters Traveling Solo group trips.

- How do I enroll in the program?  When you book a group trip you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program.  Once you reach the Bronze level we will email you alerting you of your status change.  Emails are sent once a quarter, we will not email individual request outside of each quarter. 


Example: If you started with +8,000 and earned earn +4,000 points in February, you will receive an email at quarters end March 31, 2018 alerting you of your status change from Bronze to Silver.  Your rewards will take effect once you receive the email alerting you of the status change on March 31st.  In example provided if a trip opens on March 1, 2018 you would not be eligible to use any of the Silver incentives.  If a trip opened on April 1, 2018 after you received your incentive email you would.  

- Is there a sign up bonus or any other way to earn points?  No, there is no sign up bonus.  The only way to earn points is to book one of our group trips (traditional, cultural, 7 world wonders)

- Do I get double the points for any trip? No, all trips earn you 1 point per $1 spent.  

- When can I expect to see my email? Emails will be sent out at the end of each quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).  If our Sisters Traveling Solo team is traveling you can expect your email as soon as we return. 


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