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At Sisters Traveling Solo we believe in full transparency.  With that said below are some 2021 changes you can expect for our trips with start dates after January 1, 2021. 

- Airport Transfers: We have faced several issues with providing group airport transfers and our team has determine that your experience would be better if you booked your own transfer that best fit your arrival schedule.  


- You do not have to wait on other members
- You do not have to leave at our required transfer times 

The cost of airport transfers will no longer be included in the cost of the trip, but our team will provide you with companies or options that you can use to book your transfer through.


- Welcome Dinners - we will no longer host welcome dinners on the day of arrival due to a number of guest missing the arrival dinner because of flight delays, late flights or just being tied.  If we host a welcome dinner it will be done on the 1st full day of the trip. 


- Facebook groups - We reinstate the use of Facebook groups ONLY for members to connect.  No trip questions will be answered in this group nor will any documents be shared within the group.  All communication from our company will be continued to be provided via email and our customer portal.  The Facebook group is solely a way for members to connect before the trip.  Again, absolutely no trip questions, concerns or updates will be approved in this group.  Any one who fails to adhere to this request will be removed from the Facebook group. 

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