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Our goal at STS is to make group trips more affordable. One way we can do this is by cutting lodging cost.  So we have decided to seek a partnership with one of the largest online booking sites, for our group trip lodging needs. And we need your help!

Why did we choose to seek a partnership with is a great tool for solo travelers.  Their 'Book Now, Pay Later'

payment options are perfect for the solo traveler on the budget and a great way to to split travel expenses up. will price match, and there are over  1 million properties including home shares world wide to choose from so finding accommodation's that fit your travel needs is an easy process. 

Why support STS partnership with

A partnership with will help us reduce the cost of our upcoming group  trips. We WILL pass on the savings we receive from to our members in the form of lower cost trips. 

How can you help?

You can help by using the search box on this page to book all your future lodging.  The search box is tied directly to Sisters Traveling Solo and will allow us to track all the bookings made by our members. We will use this information in our future discussions with

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