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We want to assure you that you will never feel out of place with Sisters Traveling Solo.  Our trips attract women from all walks of life and age groups, creating a unique tapestry of experiences and perspectives. 

Hey Sis!


"I thoroughly enjoy traveling with STS, and have met many interesting women, now lifelong friends! I love the convenience of group travel - where all I have to do is pay the fare, and with STS - know for sure I will get quality accommodation, in addition to outstanding tours - can’t beat it!"

— Cindy, 67
Experience with our company:
Jordan (2022)


“The STS trips are a good way to meet people and create lasting friendships.


The tours are well organized and reasonably priced with no hidden fees. It is a good way to see the world with other like-minded women.”

— Caron, 53

Experience with our company:

Bali (2022)

You're Always Welcome Here!

At Sisters Traveling Solo, we understand that women over 50 are often looking for meaningful, adventurous, and culturally rich travel experiences. Our community is built on the foundation of inclusivity, diversity, and a shared love for exploration.  This page is specifically crafted to assure you, our sisters in the 50+ age group, that not only are you welcome here, you are a vital part of our community's heart and soul.

Photo of: Lisa, 56

Experience with our company: Bali (2022)


At Sisters Traveling Solo, age is an asset, and the desire to discover the world knows no bounds. Here, women 50+ will find not just a travel group, but a community where their experiences are valued, their contributions celebrated, and their adventures just beginning. Welcome to your travel family, where we're eagerly waiting to explore the world with you.


Tara, 59
Experience with our company:
Bali (2019)


Experience with our company:
Colombia (2019


Andrea, 58
Experience with our company:
Australia (2023)


Karen, 67
Experience with our company:
Peru (2022)

428700856_10228745709360515_1311187442513704199_n (1).jpg

Peg, 67
Experience with our company:
Egypt (2019)


Dawn, 52
Experience with our company:
Italy (2022

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