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All membership payments are non-refundable and non-creditable.  Membership cannot be transferred to any other persons. 

Once signed up members should give our team at least 5 business days to follow up with an official welcome email. n. 

Membership Fee:

Initial Signup Fee: $49.95

Yearly Renewal: $29.95

An annual renewal fee of $29.95 will be due to renew members membership.  Membership duration is for one year starting with the initial day of signup.  No refund or credit will be provided to those wishing to end their membership prior to completion of their full membership term. Once renewed, membership fee will not be refunded or credited. 

Membership Auto-Renewal Information: Annual Membership signees will be automatically enrolled in our auto-renewal program. Sisters Traveling Solo will send an email - to the email address you provided - 14 days before the membership is due to expire.  You can remove auto-renewal at any time after your membership is activated by emailing prior to the membership expiration date.

Membership will be canceled after three failed attempts to renew membership. Once canceled, signee will new to submit a new membership application. 

What's Included in our membership program? 

  • $100 Off Trip Payment - A one time perk, membership members can apply their one time $100 off trip credit to the 1st payment of any trip with Sisters Traveling Solo after making their trip deposit.  After making their deposit, members should email informing them you are apart of our membership program. The one-time credit be used towards Sisters Traveling Solo and Her Wellness House trips only.  Trip credit cannot be used towards retreats, conferences, merchandise or any other event or service.  

    Discount to be used on trips departing on or after January 1, 2024. Members must register for membership prior to submitting their trip deposit to eligible to use the $100 off trip credit.  Members who register for membership after signing up for a trip will not be eligible to use their $100 off trip credit on said trip. 

  • 15% off Merchandise - Membership get 15% off Sisters Traveling Solo or Her Wellness House merchandise while their membership is active.  Once their membership ends the 15% off discount becomes void. 

  • Invite to our Semi Annual Meetup: membership members will get an invite to our semi annual company meetup.  Membership members should note this meetup is not free and that they will be responsible for any frees associated with attending.  Sisters Traveling Solo does not guarantee that a meetup will take place every two years or a specific number of meetups during a membership terms. 

  • Facebook Group Access: Membership members will get exclusive access to our wellness and book club group. Members should ensure their Facebook profile is visible and can be verified for entry into the group.  Members who do not follow group rules can be removed and banned from the group.  Once banned members will no longer have access to the group.  No refund or credit will be given if a member loses access to either Facebook group for any reason. 

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