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Embracing Our Favorite Travel Moments

Meeting locals, discovering something new about yourself and checking off that dream destination, are some of many unforgettable moments travelers may experience on their journey. It’s these moments that stick with you forever after you leave the country and always leaves a smile on your face when you reminisce about your travels.

We asked a few members what their favorite travel moment was and they did not hold back! Check out what they had to say below!

Experiencing Euphoria in Egypt

“Every time I travel, I feel a sense of awareness. Hurghada, Egypt was one of my favorite trips to date. I can’t explain my state of euphoria as I jumped into the Red Sea! Moses parted the Red Sea, ‘why can’t I?’” Member IG @imso_dc

Unforgettable Cape Town

“Going to Cape Town, South Africa was a memorable trip for me. It was the first time that I used a fare glitch and it was the trip that convinced me that solo travel is an option for me. I went with a friend but explored much of the city by myself. The sights and sounds of Cape Town are truly unforgettable.” Member IG @Immswright

A Day of Wonder At Miyajima

"I think my favorite travel moment has to be when I went to Miyajima for a day of my multi day trip to Hiroshima. So many interesting things happened in one day. I saw one of the most beautiful aquariums, climbed a mountain to its peak and caught a beautiful rainbow, and I met and talked politics with a lovely British woman who was visiting a pen pal of several decades for the first time with her family. I loved Hiroshima as a whole, but Miyajima was the icing on the cake for me.” Member IG @sisterstravelingsolo

Artistic Connections in Kyoto

"One of my favorite travel moments occurred while I was visiting Kyoto, Japan for a short trip. Instead of spending the whole day sightseeing, I decided to take an art class where I learned about different Japanese art styles. I was the only student in the “class” and had such a great time with the instructor, Mr. Monobe. Despite our language barriers, we still had a great time and I came away with not only a piece of art that I created, but also memories of my time spent connecting and attempting to share stories with Mr. Monobe." Member IG @themugglechronicles

Teachable Moments in Jaipur

“Celebrating Holi in India was such an amazing and memorable experience for me. I adore happy children, so for me it was the joy of being in the presence of such carefree, loving, and blissful kiddies that really touched my heart and soul. Sometimes in life, us adults forget that life is supposed to be enjoyed, and that it’s important to simply let go and have fun! Just when we think we have life all figured out, it takes experiences like these to show us exactly who the real teachers are.” Member IG @vintagesmile08

Dining With Locals in Bali

“One of my favorite moments was being invited to the home of a Bali family, and having dinner with the entire family. In true Balinese tradition we eat on banana leafs and ate with our fingers. There was great food and lots of laughs! We were the first guests to be invited into his home and left feeling like family." Member IG @banksmsc

Humbling Experiences in Zambia

“The most memorable experience during our visit to Southern Africa was our stop in Livingstone, Zambia at the Mukuni Village. As Africans, living in the diaspora, our view of Africa is clouded by the lens of western media. It was refreshing to see for myself, “the Africa they never show you.” Life in the village was eye opening; the people may not have material wealth but they are richly blessed with sense of community and pride in their story. The experience was both humbling and inspirational and I am forever changed by our visit.” Member IG @tamaradonnelle

These stories show that everywhere you go there is an opportunity to create memorable moments that you’ll always cherish. What has been a memorable travel moment for you?

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